For the past three months, since the publication of The Lady and the Sheriff, for some reason my confidence has nosedived and I really struggled to get to grips with my next story, The Highlander’s Maiden.

I’m really not sure whether it was ‘writer’s block’, lack of confidence in my ability to write, or whether I just didn’t have the self-belief that I could do justice to the fantastic new plot line my editor had handed to me. It was actually probably a combination of all three!

After a few weeks of sulking and doing no writing at all, I spent a little time writing a few paragraphs, reading it and deleting it as ‘a load of rubbish’ or ‘something a child could have written’. To say I threw a few tantrums is an understatement.

Eventually, with a little encouragement from my best friend, and a very much appreciated pep talk and a little more encouragement from my editor, The Highlander’s Maiden finally started to take shape and I’m really pleased that I finally have the whole story written. The only down side is that I have written random scenes and chapters and now I need to piece it all together, though I’m probably halfway through it now and I am very happy with it so far.

In writing this, I have also overcome one more stumbling block. I have finally posted to my blog, which I viewed with some trepidation when it was set up for me (thanks Korey x). My next challenge is to work out how to use the little gizmo where I supposedly update my progress with my latest story. Another few tantrums were had as I tried to fathom this out and in frustration I threw a cup at the PC screen (fortunately it was just a paper cup!)

I hope to have The Highlander’s Maiden ready to send to my editor this weekend. I have really enjoyed researching the period in the 1600s when my story is set and am glad I accepted the challenge to try something different.

Now my fingers are firmly crossed that when I post this message, it appears where it’s supposed to otherwise the PC is in danger of having things thrown at it again – and worryingly there are only real cups around today!

Carole x

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