My editing of The Highlander’s Maiden is turning out to be a long and drawn out process. I have completed changes to the first ten chapters and am awaiting further feedback from my editor on the rest of it. I’m trying not to get too downhearted as I have to agree all the changes are improving it, but I’m angry with myself that I’ve caused my editor so much hard work.

In between editing I’ve made a start on my next unnamed story and have done a few chapters already. I’m trying to be more careful this time and learn from my previous mistakes so hopefully huge chunks of it won’t end up being ruthlessly hacked out as I try to get it to a publishable standard. After relatively minor changes to my previous books, I’m feeling a bit down that I’ve made such a hash of this one.

Carole x

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    • carole says:

      Thanks Lynn. I know all of the changes are making it so much better but it just seems to be taking forever to get through and I’m so keen to see it finally published. I’ve edited 14 chapters up to now and I’m just waiting for my editor to send me the amendments for the remaining 8 chapters. I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end but I’ve put my latest bit of writing aside while I sort out these amendments as I was confusing myself trying to write one while editing another.

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