Finally, 12 days after receiving my first set of comments and suggested amendments from my editor on The Highlander’s Maiden, I have finally finished those changes. My story is over 10,000 words shorter now and a lot has been rewritten and removed, but it does read better. As I started writing this at Christmas, it seems to have taken an eternity to complete. I really hope when my editor reads through the amendments, he doesn’t find too much more to change. When I sent the complete story to my editor 6 weeks ago, I did start to write something else, but that has been put aside the last 12 days while I dealt with this.

I appreciate the story outline my editor gave to me back in December, and I have enjoyed writing it and researching an era that I would not have ordinarily chosen to base my story in, but having many aspects of the story outline changed over the past couple of weeks and hacking apart what I’d written has left me feeling a bit frustrated and keen to move onto something else and learn from the errors that have been highlighted this time.

I was keen to go straight back to my new story, read through the 4 chapters I’ve written and try to identify similar errors I might have made and getting back to those characters (I got a bit confused between the 2 books when I was trying to write 1 and edit the other), but my heart simply isn’t in it. I think I need to have a relaxing day and try again tomorrow.

At least the end is in sight and hopefully The Highlander’s Maiden will be finished and ready for publication soon.

C x

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