At 9am on Saturday I sat down to do a final amendment to my latest story, The Highlander’s Maiden. I realised I had missed one suggestion by my editor for a slight change, which I thought would be better than the current version, so I sat down to give the whole book a final proof read and to make this change.

I should have known when I tried to open the Word document and I got some strange ‘Sky’ document that something was amiss, especially as it was going so slow, freezing constantly and really causing me grief. I continued until around 7.30pm until finally I was pleased with the finished version, saved the changes and sent it to my editor. As it would not allow me to copy and paste a version of the document, nor could I save the document to my own files, I emailed my editor to make sure he had the changes. Sadly when I came back online 2 hours later, the document I had returned to him through this ‘Sky’ document thing was the same he had sent to me with not one single amendment. To say I was gutted is a slight under-statement.

A few tears and tantrums later, I sat down and started again. My problem had been that I work with .doc Word documents and this was a .docx, which I should have realised. That will teach me to blindly struggle on with something when I know there’s a problem.

It’s now 4.30am and time for me to go to bed. Despite my frustration at losing my work, I am happy to have finally finished this and I am very pleased with the result. I am also thrilled with yet another excellent book cover by Korey. Having signed my contract, I am now off to bed to get 5 1/2 hours sleep before I need to get up and get ready for a nice relaxing afternoon in the spa with my sisters, followed by afternoon tea – which I think I have more than deserved!

Carole x


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