The last couple of mornings I’ve been up early and have managed to spend over two hours each morning writing, before going to work. Although I was toying with another two story ideas which I wanted to do, while at the same time adding bits to my age play story now and then, I seem to be drawn to my age play story and have added approximately 5,000 words to that.

My other two story ideas – which a week ago I preferred to my age play and I was torn between which one of them to write next – have been well and truly shoved to one side and I’m now really into my character Marcus and his naughty wife Nikki. I was uncomfortable with her calling him ‘Daddy’, though strangely enough I have read age play novels where the girl refers to her partner as ‘Daddy’ and I have no such reservations then. It had never spoiled my enjoyment of the book. But writing it myself, I’ve found that it’s easier for me to write scenes with Nikki addressing him as ‘Uncle Marcus’. Strange!

I still actually have some reservations about writing this, despite really enjoying it and falling in love with my characters, so it may actually end up being pushed aside while I write something else. But for now I am really enjoying it. My main concern is that friends and family know that I write, they know the type of books I write and although most are pleased for me, some find it a bit ‘tacky’. Some have actually read my books and enjoyed them and I would be upset to think one of them read an age play novel and thought I was advocating something that was unsavoury. I broached the subject of me writing an age play novel with two close friends recently and they both clearly did not approve of such things and thought it was akin to child abuse/paedophilia, even though I tried to explain it was consenting adults and Marcus only wishes to spank his wife, not a little girl, and the turn-on comes from his wife, not from her portraying the image of a child. If, or rather when, I finish this, this is one novel I will not be talking to my friends about.

A bit of writing time tonight would have been nice but I’ve promised to do my Mam’s shopping. I won’t be back home until after 11pm and sadly then it’ll be time for bed. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I wake early in the morning again as even just an hour before work is nice. I may even sit by the river in my lunch break tomorrow and write something in my notebook to type up later. Amusingly enough no-one at work knows about my writing. I had just had my first book published when I started there a year ago and I’ve never had the courage to tell them about it, which is hard at times when I’m literally bouncing into the office with pride when I’ve achieved a personal milestone and want to shout it from the rooftops.

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