I’ve spent a large part of the weekend going through what I’ve already written in my age play novel. I’ve ended up hacking it apart and taking some out, possibly keeping it for another book if this one turns out OK. Where I had intended to follow the relationship of Nikki and her husband Marcus over a period of time, I have now confined it to one weekend in their lives, which they devote to age play. I had also started it with Nikki writing in her journal at periods throughout the story, but now I have cut that idea too. I just didn’t think it flowed well enough and have cut the diary part of it out, which means I’ve also ditched my title, Naughty Nikki’s Journal. It is very much a work in (very slow) progress and when I decide to do a word count on it, I have a feeling it will have decreased significantly. Never mind, I’m enjoying it.

I am reluctant to get too deeply into my new novel as I still need to edit my previous story, The Delinquent Bride. I am trying to understand that my editor is exceptionally busy at the moment and that’s why he has yet to read it, but 5 weeks after sending it to him I’m feeling a little frustrated to have done no editing on it yet. At the risk of my Dom scolding me – or spanking me – yet again, I will resist the urge to complain that another writer who sent a book to the same editor some days after me has actually completed her editing. As my Dom says, there will be a ‘pecking order’, not just a queue that is worked through in order, and I need to have more patience. Good job said grumpy old Dom is not here to see me tut and roll my eyes. 

I am sure that soon I will be able to start editing The Delinquent Bride, and when I do I will probably start complaining that I don’t like editing and complaining at the unfairness of it! Oh well, in the meantime I guess I’ll keep bashing away at my age play novel while I wait patiently (or not!).

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