After a very busy week at work, including working long hours over the weekend, I got home at 4pm this afternoon with the intention of coming online to do a bit of writing. As I logged in I told myself that if I had an email from my editor with some editing to do, I would work on that. If I didn’t have an email from him, that was a sign that I need to relax. I think I knew I wouldn’t have heard from him as he was only going to start reading it this weekend, and I know the US is several hours behind UK time, so I came online with fingers crossed that there would not be an email from him. My prayers answered, I decided that instead I would go on to Amazon and purchase a new book, then go and sit out in the garden with my Kindle, enjoy the late afternoon/early evening sunshine and a glass or 2 of wine.

I purchased Breanna Hayse’s Guardian Domination, which I have been fancying buying for quite a while now but I had a backlog of books to read in my Kindle which I have slowly worked my way through. When I buy a new book I like to look at what people have also bought when they have bought this book. It showed me my recent purchases including Korey Mae Johnson’s Shared Between Them and some short stories by Renee Rose. Amazon then told me that people who bought my recently purchased items also bought elbow length red satin gloves!!! The mind boggles, LOL.

I’m off out into the garden now for an hour, before I sort out my washing that has piled up over the weekend.

Carole x


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