Oh dear! For weeks now I have been trying to take part in Saturday Spankings, but each week I lose my page, get the links wrong or just make a complete hash of it. This week I was determined that I would not give up until I completed it. I also realised there was a facility on my blog to write a post and mark it to be published at a time I choose. I hope I have set it up right so it goes on at the correct US time (I’ve put 7.30am UK time Saturday morning which I believe would be 11.30pm on Friday night). How embarrassing if I miss the deadline on my very first successful attempt (successful only in the fact that I have actually managed to enter this time)!!!

The only thing I’m not happy with is that when I look at other authors’ contributions to Saturday Spankings, they have the cover of their book on there and banners from the Saturday Spankings blog, none of which I can do. Also I tried to follow the rules on the page to enter and I followed the example and put my title as ‘Saturday Spankings @ Carole Archer’. My name then appeared on a list with others, who all simply had their own name or the name of their blog. Others also have a little bit at the end of their extract saying book is available on Amazon or Blushing Books and when you click on the bookseller it takes you to the site. I have great long web links which does not look good!

Oh well, I can only get better – though maybe I am being a little presumptious in assuming that I have done it correctly and my post will appear on time and be included. Though maybe instead of appearing in Saturday Spankings, I’ll instead be getting a Saturday Spanking for being so hopeless! Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works.

Carole x


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