Although I am loathe to admit that my editor is right – in this case when he tells me that I should always plan my story first, doing an outline for the whole story and then following it, making any necessary changes along the way – I have finally decided that I need to stop writing my age play story and go through everything that I have written and make a proper plan.

My first couple of chapters I believe have progressed too quickly, and some stuff I’d written and pushed aside, that would ease her into age play more slowly, I was about to totally scrap when its natural place is earlier in the book. There is some stuff that doesn’t have a place in this book and will be saved for if I do a second book with the same characters, but I have more than enough material to work with for this, I just need to arrange it in the correct order.

I’m a little angry with myself that I have not sat down and done this sooner, but my original thinking was that I’d be getting editing to do on The Delinquent Bride so in the meantime I would just play around with this story idea for a couple of weeks or so. Almost seven weeks later I have had no editing to do (I know he’s busy but I’m impatient), but instead of putting that time to good use and planning my next story properly (and I’ve had more than enough time to actually write the whole thing and have that one ready to send to my publisher once my previous one is finished) I’ve instead put things on hold and achieved nothing.

So tomorrow, assuming I still have no editing to do on The Delinquent Bride, I am going to properly plan my age play story and see what’s salvageable from what I’ve already written.

In the meantime, fingers crossed I’ve entered Saturday Spankings correctly and that when I get up tomorrow my post will have appeared on my blog all by itself while I’m in bed and I will have actually done it right!

Carole x

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  • Hi Carole, unfortunately your Saturday Spankings post didn’t make it by 1AM EDT, so I’ll check again tomorrow. No worries, although Mistress Blake will most likely add you to her naughty “tardy” board. That way she knows to follow up tomorrow as well. Since you’re in the UK, if you want to publish on Friday before you go to bed, that’s fine, too. Welcome to Saturday Spankings!

    • carole says:

      Oh dear Mistress Blake. I’m not quite sure what I’ve done. I notice it still isn’t there now. I really am rubbish with anything like this. I thought I was being clever using a facility that would post it in my absence but I’ve clearly done something wrong! Sorry.

      I have now gone in and posted it, I clearly got my times wrong, and I did go to Saturday Spankings to post my most sincere apologies on your tardy board, but I’ve made a mess of that too. I can’t seem to get it to accept my Word Press account name and I don’t have any of the others. Also my linky link at the bottom of my post does not go to Saturday Spankings, and the link to my blog post is actually to my blog and not just the post. Oh dear, I really have made a mess of this!

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