What a great day I’ve had today. I got my first lot of editing for The Delinquent Bride back from my editor so I’ll probably be spending the next week working my way through this – and the rest of the editing that he sends my way. His wife is also going to offer some feedback which may mean going over and re-editing, but I really appreciate her taking the time to give me some pointers.

I had planned to spend the day at my sister’s, rabbit sitting. I arrived there at 7.30am, took a notebook with me and worked on writing out a proper plan for my age play story. I had a very productive day, though I didn’t finish my plan. I got most of it done but it needs a bit of tweaking still. I also got sidetracked and come up with another idea for a story that really appeals to me, but that is in the very early stages. Normally I sit in my computer room and ‘write’ direct into the PC, or I might sit at my desk at work in my lunch break and write in shorthand so people don’t know what I’m writing. Today I sat in the garden writing in longhand and I really enjoyed it. Maybe the change of ‘scenery’ inspired me but I don’t think I’ve ever been so productive. I ended up staying there until 4.30pm, so Mr Rabbit (the furry kind, not the vibrating type!) was very happy as he had a good bounce around the garden.

I’ve then come home and checked my blog and I’m blown away by all the nice comments about my offering to Saturday Spankings. For any writers who are considering taking part, don’t hesitate a second longer. It’s a real confidence boost to get nice comments and to see all those visitors to your blog. Previously my highest numbers of visitors was 35 in one day – when The Highlander’s Maiden was published. Yesterday I got 60 visitors and today another 26. I’m so happy.

Also linking my blog to Amazon has resulted in a few people visiting my site today too, which can only be a good thing.

The only negative point in my day is that when I sat in the garden at 7.30am it was raining very slightly, but not enough to make me go inside. The sun came out and it was very warm, but I didn’t cover up or put sun cream on. After 9 hours outside my arms are burnt raw as well as my boobs! No, I wasn’t topless in my sister’s garden, but I did have a very low cut dress on as it’s been so warm lately. After sun is not easing the burning and I smeared natural yogurt on which started to smell after a few minutes and after the initial coolness it warmed up and was not at all soothing. I think I’ve maybe got that wrong and that yogurt is NOT a remedy for sunburn! I’m off now to lay in a cool bath.

Thank you again to all those who visited my blog, read my offering to Saturday Spankings and offered such nice comments. I really appreciate it.

Carole x

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