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This extract is from The Lady and the Sheriff. Emma had travelled to New York with her father with the intention of finding a husband, but after her father sadly died during their trip, she found herself living in Great Bend with Sheriff Bob Booker. He has warned her not to go out alone as it is not safe, but she thinks she knows better. She has already been in trouble with Bob for going to saloons alone, but the threat of a public, bare bottom spanking does not stop her frequenting saloons once more. Bob is furious when he enters the bar with his deputies to break up a fight, only to find that Emma was the prize they were fighting for. This scene follows on after Bob breaks up the fighting:-

The Lady and The Sheriff by Carole Archer

The men were sent on their way as a furious Bob turned to Emma, still sitting on the bar, smirking as she dangled her legs with her skirts hitched up above her knees and her dress gaping open, exposing the top of her ample cleavage.

Bob was furious and pulled her down from the bar. “As you’re so keen to expose yourself, young lady, let me help you,” he said, dragging her to the front of the bar and sitting down, taking Emma quickly across his knee and spanking her hard across her skirts.

Emma howled in pain. This plan had not been thought through properly, she quickly decided. “No, I’m sorry, please stop,” she yelled. This wasn’t supposed to happen, she thought angrily.

Bob stopped just long enough to lift her skirts and petticoats and tug down her pantaloons, baring her bottom to his deputies and the men at the bar who had not been involved in the brawl.

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