Financial Discipline was loosely based around my own debt problems. I had my own ‘financial advisors’ to help me through the last eight years as I have slowly chipped away at my debt – one of them a qualified debt management consultant who handled my payments and had charges frozen on all my accounts; the other my ‘Sir’ who gave me ‘motivation’ when I slipped up with my debt management plan. As this week I have finally cleared the last of my debt, it seems appropriate for me to take this week’s Saturday Spankings from Financial Discipline.

Lindsay is a journalist and her editor has sent her to investigate George, who is offering debt management advice – but he is using spanking as an incentive for his clients. Lindsay has her own debt problems and finds George’s methods harsh but helpful. She has already found out that George does indeed spank his clients – but she is withholding this information from her boss as she believes George may be able to help her. Lindsay has a constant struggle with her desire to please George by slowly chipping away at her debt and making him proud of her; but she also has a strong desire to please her boss as there is a promotion at stake. 

In this part of the book, Lindsay has foolishly held back a credit card just to help her get through hard times (yes, I did that myself too – and paid the price!) but she has admitted all to George and he has demanded she go to the bank to pay back the money she has taken, before returning the card to him to be destroyed. He intends that her trip into town will be a painful one, with the threat of further punishment on her return. Poor Lindsay!

Financial Discipline by Carole Archer


Lindsay finished her drink in silence before taking the card from him. She got up with the intention of leaving to carry out her task, but George hauled her across his lap.

“As you helped yourself to £100 from that card, it seems fitting that you receive 100 smacks with my hairbrush as punishment. You will be punished later for lying to me, but for now you’re going to get something to think about while you’re out on your errand. Look upon this as a warm-up; you’re going to be a very sorry young lady when I’m finished with you.”

Lindsay closed her eyes as George lifted her skirt. She raised her hips, making it easier for him to lower her panties. She hoped her co-operation might make him more lenient with her.

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Carole x

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  • As an Investment Banker in my vanilla life, I just love the concept here obviously… Perhaps I have found the quality of job I would like in my retirement years… *smiles* And now of course I have another TBR for my Kindle… love her raising her hips in seeking leniency…

  • Tara Finnegan says:

    Such a realistic story line in our neck of the woods for the last few years…I know more than one it might have helped! Lovely excerpt, I definitely want to read more.
    As an aside- congratulations on clearing your debt, hope you feel free as a bird.

  • PK says:

    I’m sure this story could help many. I just hope they can find the right person to act as an enforcer. Looking forward to reading.

  • Congratulations, Carole, on your personal success. As for Lindsay, I’m sure her helpfulness is appreciated (if noted), however, I sincerely doubt it’s going to earn her any more leniency since she lied. And lying, as we all know, is a cardinal sin between debt managers and their clients. Right? Love the snippet.

  • Thianna D says:

    Ooh, a smack per amount spent would definitely make one think. And way to go to get your debt managed. That can be a difficult thing to do at times.

  • Maddie says:

    Yummy… giving her a taste of things to come. I love the premise and will head on over to add this one to my kindle. I might need to get some of that financial discipline myself. I have 500+ to be read in my queue.

  • carole says:

    I certainly found the right person to help me, and I can’t wait to tell him when I see him next Thursday that I’ve cleared my debt. Every day when I email or talk to him, I’m dying to tell him but I’d rather do it face to face. I still remember clearly when during one of his visits I broke down in tears and told him how bad my debt was, and he spent the next couple of hours going through everything with me and when he left I was registered with a company who were setting up a debt management plan for me.

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