My offering for this week’s Saturday Spankings is taken from a short story that I wrote a little while ago, based around an idea given to me by my editor James. Emily has left England after a failed relationship and gone to work as an au pair in Texas. She has vowed to leave her spanking desires behind her as pursuing them has brought her nothing but heartache. She has just arrived at Daniel’s house after her long journey and he is trying to put her to bed, telling her to get some rest, but she is eager to unpack and explore her new surroundings. Daniel asserts his authority, letting her know that he is in charge. In doing so, he reawakens her desire to be spanked.

Emily resisted, sitting up and pushing the covers away. “No, I need to get up and unpack.” As Emily attempted to stand up, she was stunned to find herself pushed back onto the bed, face down, as Daniel’s hard hand cracked firmly on the seat of her jeans. Emily’s eyes widened and she held her breath.

“Now be a good girl and get back into bed or I’ll take you across my knee and spank you,” Daniel ordered.

Emily gasped. A sound spanking was just what she needed and she was tempted to challenge him to carry out his threat, but she was disappointed when he simply pushed her back into the bed and pulled the covers tightly around her.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from my short story, The Au Pair’s Needs. It is available to purchase at:

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