After a few problems with the editing of The Delinquent Bride, I have decided to put it to one side and work on something new. I’m going to have a go at a shorter story in a medical setting and am really looking forward to making a start on it over the weekend. I do enjoy writing ‘bottom play’ elements into a story and it will be fun to write a story like that. I have made lots of notes and things that I would like to include and can’t wait to start writing it tonight.

I will go back to The Delinquent Bride, maybe after I’ve completed my medical play story, or maybe after I’ve also finished the age play story that I have part written. Just for the moment it was stressing me out too much as I was going round in circles trying to rewrite the beginning. I’m sure it will look much less daunting a task when I’ve taken some time to write something a bit more fun.

I knew when I was writing The Delinquent Bride that Shelley was the main character and as such she should be in the opening scene (even chapter), but I got carried away with a scene between her parents and the more I wrote, the more it deviated from my plot line. I liked what I had written, but it just did not fit in with this particular story. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve wrote and scrapped bits too many times and I’ve decided to take a break from it. I am keen to get it put right eventually, but thought working on something else might allow me to return to it fresh.

I’ve been house sitting and pet minding for the last 2 weeks for 2 of my sisters (and have another week to go – for my 3rd sister), and am also working 15-16 hours over the weekend, but I will still be able to get a few hours writing in each day. Maybe now I’ve also started a course of B12 injections I might not feel so tired all the time.

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