This week’s Saturday Spankings is taken from my very first book, The Charles Smith Method, published just over a year ago. Jenny has fallen on hard times and reverts to crime once more to survive. When she picks the pocket of ex-Judge Charles Smith, she finds herself being taken home by him and she is surprised to find that he really wants to help her. His housekeeper Hazel is even more surprised when the normally mild mannered Charles decides to teach Jenny that there is a painful price to pay for the second chance he is offering to her.

The Charles Smith Method by Carole Archer

As Hazel was about to leave the room she heard Jenny gasp loudly and cry out “please, not again”. Hazel looked over her shoulder to see what had caused such a reaction from Jenny. Hazel herself gasped when she saw Jenny balanced over Charles’s lap, one arm holding her down as his other hand lifted her skirt up. Jenny’s legs kicked as she pleaded with him to stop. Charles simply took hold of her white cotton panties and tugged them down as she whimpered and squirmed.

Hazel continued to stare open mouthed and watched with horror as Charles raised his hand and cracked it down sharply on Jenny’s bare bottom. Hazel’s cheeks flushed as Charles stared back at her. She looked down at the floor, turned and fled the room quickly, hurrying to the kitchen as sharp smacks rained down on Jenny’s unprotected bottom.

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Carole x

14 Responses to Saturday Spankings

  • krblake says:

    Poor Jenny. I’m not sure why Charles is spanking her for a second time, but I’m sure he has his reasons. I feel sorry for Hazel, too. She probably had no idea her employer was a spanker. Loved the snippet.

    • carole says:

      Jenny had only had a very brief spanking when Charles had caught her picking his pocket, this was her proper spanking. And Hazel was indeed totally unaware that her employer was a spanker, though she still believes that she will NEVER find herself in such an undignified position.

    • carole says:

      Thanks Ana. I find it hard to believe it’s been a year, and I find it even harder to believe how many books I’ve sold! I remember sending The Charles Smith Academy to Blushing Books (which they split into two books – ‘Method’ and ‘Academy’) and I told myself if they refused I should give up. I’d had a couple of short stories published by a British publisher, and they had been working on ‘Charles’ with me, but then after editing the first couple of chapters said they were no longer looking for this type of thing and although they might publish it in the future, I might prefer to try elsewhere. I Googled spanking publishers or something similar and sent my story. I didn’t think I was good enough to get published and was prepared for a ‘no’ from Blushing at which point I intended to give up – not writing, I loved that and I enjoyed sharing my stories with friends, but I was just going to give up my foolish desire to be published!!! I am now sooooooooo glad that Blushing said yes!

  • bentalice says:

    If I were Hazel, I’d have stayed and watched. But then, I’m a naughty girl seeing or giving a good spanking! I love that this snippet, and Charles is clearly in charge!

  • LA Cloutier says:

    Oh have mercy! An Ex-Judge and a naughty little thief of a girl. I could feel the strife for Hazel when she realized the Judge was going to spank her.

    I think I need more than a peek into this one, for sure.

    Carole, when one person tells you ‘no’, it makes it all the more sweeter when the next on tells you ‘yes’. Never give up on something you love.

  • Tara Finnegan says:

    What I want to know is what Hazel’s thoughts were once she returned to the kitchen. Was she intrigued, interested? I certainly am! Lovely snippet and congrats on the first anniversary.

    • carole says:

      Poor Hazel was genuinely horrified. She does not know (yet) what it is like to be taken across a man’s knee and spanked, and she has no intention of finding out.

  • Maddie says:

    It’s always the mild-mannered quiet ones that turn into spankos behind closed doors. Poor Hazel sure got an eyeful. I wonder how long it will be before she does something naughty to earn a trip over the judges knee. Nice snippet.

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