In May I finished my story The Delinquent Bride. A month ago I was devastated to make the joint decision with my publisher to put it aside and forget about it for a while as there was too much work to do on it.

Last week I sent a short medical play story, titled Melissa’s Medical for now but I hope to come up with something better than that, to James. I loved the story idea he gave me and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I don’t think I have ever written anything quite so ‘dirty’ and it was very enjoyable to not have to concentrate on developing a storyline and to just come up with various humiliating punishments for the naughty receptionist Melissa, who had been taking sick days to spend time with her friends and had ultimately been caught out.

I think I needed a break from the headaches that The Delinquent Bride was causing me and this enabled me to relax and enjoy my writing once more.

Yesterday I went through my story outline for The Delinquent Bride and made some revisions to it. With James and Korey’s help, I now have a new story outline which will include some pretty major revisions to my book, but I think the changes will make it so much better. I am once more looking forward to working on it and I really appreciate their input. I am pleased that the majority of my characters will remain, and a lot of my writing can also remain. I am looking forward to working on Shelley’s new love interest, who she meets much earlier in the book now, and he is actually a combination of two characters who were in my original story. I am very happy with the direction my story is now taking.

I’m so glad I didn’t just scrap all my hard work and throw this story idea away, in the belief there was too much to do to put it right. It is going to take a lot of hard work to put it right, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I am so glad that James and Korey of Stormy Night Publications have given me so much help with this storyline. When I had my first story published with Blushing Books just over a year ago, James was my editor. When he and Korey set up Stormy Night, I had no hesitation to go with them as I felt I was learning so much from them and I felt comfortable working with them.

My advice to any new author is that if you find a good editor/publisher who is willing to work with you on something to put it right, don’t get upset over the (constructive) criticism and feel a failure (as I have done in the past) – learn from it and take all their good advice and use it to improve yourself.

Carole x


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