Last week my Saturday Spankings offering featured a short extract from The Charles Smith Academy where Hazel was spanked by Charles, which included an embarrassing figging. Jenny watched with delight from the doorway. As a few people expressed a desire for Jenny to be caught, I thought it was only fair to show what happened when Charles called Jenny into the room as she tried to sneak quietly away.

The Charles Smith Academy by Carole Archer

She felt very vulnerable as she waited, buttocks spread, but she couldn’t help kicking her legs and squirming as the hard ginger was again pressed against her tight opening. She squealed as Charles encouraged Hazel to hold her buttocks crudely wide apart as he smacked her bottomhole several times. The sting was intense and Jenny howled in agony. She whimpered as Charles pushed a finger into her stinging bottomhole and she blushed as he thrust his finger in and out several times before removing it. She immediately felt something hard being roughly forced in. She screwed her eyes tightly shut and balled her fists as Charles started to push the ginger into her bottom…she relaxed momentarily, before the ginger was forced the rest of the way in.

Jenny squirmed as the ginger plugged her uncomfortably and after a few seconds she felt a sting building up inside. Quickly the sting turned into a burn and she struggled more frantically.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Jenny getting her comeuppance after shamelessly delightly in watching Hazel’s punishment last week. If you want to read more, The Charles Smith Academy is available to purchase from:-

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