I haven’t taken part in Saturday Spankings for several weeks now, as I was sick of taking extracts from the same books over and over again. I was desperate to get something new published, and vowed not to do Saturday Spankings again until that happened.

Although I have three complete stories with my publisher, I have been doing a massive rewrite of one of them which has taken quite some time (I originally submitted the story to him in May), one I only sent him a week ago, and the other one we’re almost finished editing and it should hopefully be published this month. I’ve decided to take this week’s Saturday Spankings from this story, which is something a little different to what I’ve done before. This is approximately 20,000 words and is a medical play story. I really enjoyed writing it and hope that those who buy it when it’s released will enjoy reading it too.

I have tentatively called my story Melissa’s Medical, but I’m hopeful we will come up with a better title than that before its publication.

Melissa is in trouble with her employers for phoning in sick frequently to spend time with her friends. She has decided to accept punishment rather than lose her job.

I hope you enjoy this extract taken from it:-

Melissa shrieked in frustration as Jason tipped her across his lap, lifted her skirt and began spanking her panty-covered bottom in earnest. He might have only been using his hand, but his smacks were sharp and her behind was still stinging. As his hand landed harder and more frequently on her squirming ass, Melissa kicked her legs frantically, crying out as she begged him to stop. Suddenly a loud tearing sound made Melissa freeze in shock. Dr Williams, Barbara and Jason all started to laugh, and Melissa glanced anxiously over her shoulder. Jason grinned and rubbed his hand on her bare bottom, and she realised with horror that her frantic kicking and squirming had caused the paper panties to tear. 

Melissa gasped loudly as Jason grasped what remained of the seat of her panties and tore it away, leaving her butt cheeks totally exposed. He continued her spanking on her bare bottom and she howled in pain and kicked her legs, thoroughly humiliated. When he finally stopped, her behind was burning and Melissa was close to tears. 

I hope you have enjoyed this snippet and might even consider buying it when it is released very soon.

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Carole x

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