This week’s Saturday Spankings comes from my newly released story, Melissa’s Punishment Examination. Melissa has been skipping work to spend time with her friends, and when her bosses discover her deceit they ask her to submit to a thoroughly humiliating punishment. Her only alternative is to lose the job she loves.

“Relax!” Dr Williams snapped, smacking his hand down hard on her bare bottom.

“Owww!” squealed Melissa, reaching back to rub her stinging behind. Not wanting another smack, she immediately relaxed as much as she was able, gritting her teeth as the thin and rigid rod slid into her tight bottom hole. Dr Williams twirled the thermometer around inside her and Melissa squirmed anxiously. She was horrified to be in such a position.

She had fancied Dr Williams since her first day at the practice, and over the past year she had developed quite a crush on him. She had always dreamed of playing doctors and nurses with him, but her fantasies were nothing like this…she was thoroughly humiliated and she closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out what he was doing to her, but he constantly fiddled with the thermometer and it was impossible not to focus on her embarrassing position.

Melissa was able to breathe once more when at last he slid the thermometer out, but she was disheartened when she immediately started to rise from the desk and he pressed a hand firmly down on her back. “Stay where you are,” he said sternly, smacking her bottom.

If you enjoyed this snippet and would like to read more, Melissa’s Punishment Examination is available for sale on Amazon:-

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