When my editor James asked me to try writing a short medical play story of around 20,000 words, I was a little reluctant as the subject matter seemed a bit ‘dirty’. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed researching and writing it, and even more surprised by its success on Amazon. As all of James’ books seem to make the top 100 erotica on Amazon, I watched with everything crossed for a few days until finally I made it in there too. I’m thrilled that my story has reached as high as 1,754 overall (very good for one of my stories) and as high as 58 in the erotica top 100. I even dipped into the top 100 erotica authors very briefly! At the time of writing, I’m still hanging on in the erotica top 100 (at 80) and as I’m so proud of my latest achievement, I thought I would share another snippet from Melissa’s Punishment Examination again. Thanks James for a great story idea, and Korey for another fantastic cover.

Melissa has been skipping work to spend time with her friends, but unfortunately for Melissa, her bosses find out and they are not happy. Her only choice is to be dismissed from the job she loves, or submit to a thorough and humiliating examination and punishment at the hands of her bosses, Dr Ben Williams and his nurse wife Barbara.

Melissa's Punishment Examination by Carole Archer

Dr Williams lifted his gaze to look at Melissa once more and she saw sheer determination to teach her a lesson in his face. He turned and dragged her across the room, and she squirmed desperately as he sat down on one of the chairs and tipped her across his lap. His hand landed hard on her bottom, the force of it driving the air out of her lungs. When he spanked her again, her body stiffened. “I’m sorry,” she yelled, as he flipped up her short skirt. She yelled and squirmed as his hand cracked down several times on the seat of her black lace panties, warming her bottom.

Melissa was grateful when he stopped after only a few more hard smacks and helped her to her feet. The spanking had not been too bad, she realized with relief, but her bottom cheeks tingled and she knew her face must be even redder than her backside.

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