My offering for this week’s Saturday Spankings is an extract from my new book, Chloe’s Christmas Lesson. I love Christmas, and I love spanking, so I’m thrilled to have finally managed to combine the two and write a story with a Christmas theme. I absolutely love the cover that Blushing Books designed, with Santa rolling out the scroll. I hope my name isn’t on his naughty list this year!!!

It’s Christmas Eve and Chloe, who has only been married for three weeks, angers her husband with her petulant behaviour, and as a result he promises to give her a spanking when he returns home from his business meeting. He is shocked to later find that the one and only Santa Claus has beaten him to the long overdue task – though he suspects Chloe has been dreaming and has imagined it all. But Chloe knows it was real and she promises to behave better from now on.

This extract is taken from early in the story, when Chloe is watching Matthew putting out a vast array of Christmas gifts for her, and she petulantly demands probably the only thing he hasn’t bought for her. Matthew has had enough of her behaviour and vows to spank her. Enjoy! :-

Chloe's Christmas Lesson by Carole Archer

She pushed one of the gifts with her foot, nudging it slightly harder than she had intended, and then she shrieked when Matthew grasped her wrist and pulled her towards him, landing a hard smack on her bottom.

Chloe gasped, reaching back to shield her bottom. “Owwwwwwww,” she protested, stamping her foot and scowling at him. Despite her desire to be spanked by Matthew, there was nothing at all erotic about the smack he had just landed on the seat of her pajamas. It hurt, pure and simple, and she glared defiantly at him.

“Chloe, do not try my patience,” he warned, still gripping her wrist, his eyes sparkling with anger. “I have an important meeting to attend. I don’t have time for your nonsense.”

I hope you enjoyed this small snippet. If you want to read more, you can purchase this title at:-

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Carole x


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