My offering for this week’s Saturday Spankings is an extract from my newest book, Chloe’s Christmas Lesson. It’s Christmas Eve and Chloe, who has only been married for three weeks, angers her husband with her petulant behaviour, and as a result he promises to give her a spanking when he returns home from his business meeting. He is shocked to later find that the one and only Santa Claus has beaten him to the long overdue task – though he suspects Chloe has been dreaming and has imagined it all. But Chloe knows it was real and she promises to behave better from now on.


Chloe's Christmas Lesson by Carole Archer

Sitting up and blinking several times, she was stunned to see Father Christmas standing at the foot of her bed. Suddenly she threw her head back and giggled. “Matthew, where on earth did you get that silly costume from?” she asked, as she reached for the bedside lamp and turned it on, flooding the room with light.

Santa didn’t laugh. He looked very sternly at her and Chloe’s smile immediately disappeared as he quickly moved across the room, pulled her up and sat down on the edge of her bed. He shook his head and frowned at her, and Chloe froze in shock as he whisked down her pajama bottoms and panties and turned her quickly across his knee. He moved so quickly she didn’t even have chance to try and resist him.

Although Chloe had tried to accept that Matthew probably would spank her this time, she knew in her heart that what he had given her earlier was not really a proper spanking but merely a taste of things to come and nothing she could say would change his mind. Now she realized was totally unprepared for what was happening and her mind was in turmoil.

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Carole x

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