This week it was my intention to share an extract from my soon to be released age play story, but as I’m not quite finished editing it I decided to go back to a story I had published a couple of months ago, Melissa’s Punishment Examination. My first attempt at a medical play story is probably my favourite I have had published to date. Sadly I did not have time to write my planned short story for Winter Spanks, so I’m taking the opportunity to share a longer than usual Saturday Spankings post.

Melissa has been skipping work to spend time with her friends, but unfortunately for Melissa her bosses find out and they are not happy. Her only choice is to be dismissed from the job she loves, or submit to a thorough and humiliating examination and punishment at the hands of her bosses, Dr Ben Williams and his nurse wife Barbara.

Melissa's Punishment Examination by Carole Archer

 Melissa screwed her eyes shut as the doctor started to caress her bottom, patting gently and squeezing the base of her buttocks that peeked out from underneath her skimpy panties. “Ouch,” whimpered Melissa, as his hand cracked down on her left cheek. She cried out once more as he delivered a firm spank to her other cheek, and as he continued to spank her firmly, Melissa buried her face in her hands, humiliated beyond belief. She began to squirm as the spanks heated up the tender flesh of her bottom, and Melissa was horrified to feel the doctor’s cock hardening once more beneath her. She was grateful when his hand stilled and patted her ass gently as he gave her a brief respite from her ordeal. 

“Melissa, take your panties down,” Dr Williams ordered. 

“Oh no, please,” begged Melissa, shaking her head and reaching back to cup her butt cheeks protectively. Her current state of dress left little to the imagination, but the thought of losing the last of her clothing apart from her shoes sent a chill down her spine. 

Dr Williams sighed deeply and smacked the back of Melissa’s thigh sharply. Melissa yelped and as tears sprung to her eyes she reached down to sooth her stinging thigh. As her hand moved instinctively to protect her injured thigh, Dr Williams moved equally quickly and she felt him grip her panties firmly and tug them in a downward motion. Knowing that her actions would only make things worse, Melissa still frantically grabbed at her panties, resulting in a tug of war between herself and the doctor. Dr Williams quickly won the fight and as he yanked her panties firmly, Melissa was left holding a torn piece of fabric. “You silly girl,” he sighed, “now look what you’ve done”. 

Melissa glanced over her shoulder and looked at the remains of her panties dangling from his finger. She released her grip on the piece of material and watched it float to the floor. She shook her head in horror as Dr Williams closed his eyes, held the tattered piece of fabric in his hand up to his nose and mouth and inhaled deeply. Melissa gazed open mouthed, barely able to believe that her boss was doing such a thing. 

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Carole x

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