I finished my editing of my first age play story last night, and after doing some minor changes and also adding a few more scenes, it’s back with my editor. Hopefully there won’t be too much more to do with it and it may be published soon. Once that’s put to bed, I’m going to have another go at getting The Delinquent Bride finished. I did send that to my editor about 3 months ago, but had other stories with him to work on first, but before he reads it again I just want to give it another quick read through, make sure I’m entirely happy with it. Although I loved writing that story, and I love the characters in it, it’s been a bit of a nightmare to get right. I hope my hard work and numerous rewritings of major parts of it have been worth it.

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Carole Archer brings spanking erotic fiction straight from the motherland of spanking--she loves caning, spankings, alpha-males, and erotic sexual scenes in stories, and brings her readers what she loves!

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