I was tempted to use an extract from my new age play book, Daddy’s Discipline, which is with the copy editor and should hopefully be released very soon. But I thought I might jinx it by using a snippet from that before it’s been given final approval.

So instead this week’s Saturday Spankings comes from Melissa’s Punishment Examination. Melissa has been skipping work to spend time with her friends and when her bosses, Dr Williams and his wife Barbara, discover her deceit they ask her to submit to a thoroughly humiliating punishment. Her only alternative is to lose the job she loves.

“I’m going to take your temperature now,” he told her, slipping the end of the thermometer into her rectum. It was too much and Melissa fought desperately once more.

Dr Williams sighed deeply and handed the displaced thermometer to his wife. “You are being so naughty,” Dr Williams scolded, gripping Melissa firmly around the waist and smacking his gloved hand down onto her upturned bottom. Melissa yelled loudly and kicked her legs hard. She continued to kick as he delivered a very sharp spanking to her bare backside, also landing a few smacks on her thighs.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be good,” yelled Melissa tearfully as the sting in her bottom built to an uncomfortable level. A few more smacks landed before Dr Williams stopped spanking her, and Melissa whimpered when he immediately thrust his finger into her anus again, probing her for a while before finally withdrawing, to Melissa’s great relief.

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