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For this week’s Saturday Spankings, I’m going to share another extract from my latest story, Naughty Immy’s Punishment.

This is the editor’s blurb:-

Imogen loves it when her husband Adam takes on his daddy role and spoils her, cuddles her, and treats her like his baby girl, but she knows that when she has been particularly naughty her daddy must discipline her… and today she was very, very naughty.

 A silly prank on her part almost got Adam in trouble with the police, and Immy knows she is in for a long, thorough, and incredibly embarrassing punishment from her firm daddy.

 Publisher’s Note: Naughty Immy’s Punishment is a novella-length erotic short story that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, humiliation, age play, medical play, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

 Additional Note: This story focuses primarily on a single incident in the lives of a fictionalized couple and the results of that incident. The age play relationship and associated punishments and other interactions described in the story are intended purely as erotica and not as an attempt to portray a realistic relationship which includes age play elements.

Naughty Immy's Punishment by Carole Archer

I hope you enjoy this short extract, which follows on from where last week’s left off, as Adam threatened to spank his wife again if she did not allow him to take her temperature rectally:-

Imogen clenched her fists and nodded, holding her breath and swallowing anxiously as she felt the thin wand slip past her reluctant sphincter and into her bottom hole. “Please take it out, Daddy,” she begged as the thermometer was eventually deeply seated inside her. 

Unfortunately for Imogen, her pleas fell on deaf ears, and for the next few minutes she concentrated on her shallow breathing, her eyes screwed tightly shut, waiting anxiously for the thermometer to be taken out again. As usual, those few minutes squirming uncomfortably across her husband’s lap with a rectal thermometer poking out of her bottom hole felt like hours. She thought her daddy was very cruel, deliberately tormenting her by constantly twirling the thermometer inside her bottom hole, but she sensibly kept her thoughts to herself. She frowned and chewed anxiously on her lower lip, determined not to react and give him a reason to spank her hard once more.

Imogen released a deep breath and unclenched her small fists when the thermometer was eventually removed from her bottom. She looked at the palms of her hands and frowned at the marks left by her nails, which had pressed into the soft flesh as she resisted the thermometer’s intrusion into her bottom hole. 

She waited anxiously for his verdict, and her heart sank when he patted her bottom gently and told her, “Your temperature’s fine, little girl, so I wonder if you’ve been telling me fibs about being sick.”

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  1. Carole, I’m so pleased to see he used the thermometer not as a punishment, but as an actual gauge to see if she’d been fibbing about being sick. Great snippet.