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I have neglected my blog recently, and not taken part in Saturday Spankings for a few weeks, as I’ve been busy with work and also training for a half marathon walk. As I am relatively unfit I am undertaking a proper walking regime. I’m losing weight, toning up, but I’m also absolutely exhausted when I get home from a training walk and haven’t been bothering to write anything. I have started work on a new book last weekend, and I’m looking forward to having some spare time on Saturday to continue with it, before a 6-mile walk on Sunday will probably leave me sleeping on the sofa again! I’ll quickly do this week’s Saturday Spankings, before I head out to do a 4-mile walk before work.

I’m delighted that The Delinquent Bride, which I first sent to my editor last May, is almost ready for publication. I’ll have one more lot of editing (hopefully!) to do and it should be out some time this month. I had to rewrite a major part of it, and it was put aside for some time. I’m really grateful to another author who went through the first few chapters with me and gave me some advice on writing it.

 I’ve always been fascinated with the Titanic, and I decided to write a story based around it. Its 102 years now since the Titanic set off on her maiden (and unfortunately only) voyage, and this week will also mark the anniversary of her sinking. I’m going to take this week’s Saturday Spankings from an early part of this book.

Shelley Robertson-Bell’s parents have arranged for her to marry Alexander Armitage, the Duke of Southampton, on the day the Titanic sets off on her maiden voyage. Shelley is reluctant to marry anyone, and she tells her parents this the night before her wedding. They’re none too pleased and in this scene, after she throws a tantrum and pushes a plate of cakes out of her mother’s hand, her father gives her a smack for the first time ever, which leaves her reeling. Her mother has always handled her discipline until now.

“For goodness sake,” barked Shelley. “Didn’t you hear me? I don’t want a stupid cake.”

Stunned by her outburst, Shelley watched mesmerised as bits of broken plate scattered across the table and carpet, and the cakes landed in a heap among the shards of broken crockery.

Her father’s grip tightened on Shelley’s hand and he quickly stood up and pulled her to her feet. “This behaviour is unacceptable! Get to your room this instant,” he bellowed. He shook his daughter roughly, spun her around and landed a hard smack on her bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this short snippet. I’ll share another next week. Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see the offerings from other authors.

Carole x

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