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For this week’s Saturday Spankings I’m going to share another extract from my upcoming story, The Delinquent Bride, based around the Titanic. Its still with my editor at the moment, but we should be doing final editing on it soon. I’m still hopeful it will be published some time this month.

This follows on from last week’s snippet, where Shelley had thrown a tantrum and her father had shocked her by slapping her bottom. Her mother has just told her to go to her room as she intends to spank her properly, and Shelley is standing dumbstruck in the doorway, watching their butler clean up the mess she had made when she knocked a plate from her mother’s hand.

“Shelley, are you still here?” her father’s voice boomed, as he purposefully strode across the room towards her.

Colour quickly drained from her face and Shelley hurried out into the hallway. She ran up the stairs, slammed her bedroom door and sat down on her bed to wait in fearful anticipation of her mother’s visit. Glancing across at her bedside table, Shelley eyed her hairbrush apprehensively, reproaching herself for making the situation even worse. Her mother’s hand was normally enough when it came to spanking her, but she had threatened several times recently to introduce her bottom to the hairbrush. Shelley had thought she was bluffing, but now she was not so certain.

She was dismayed that her parents had refused to listen to reason, and it seemed she would still have to marry the Duke, but now it would be with a sore bottom. Not relishing the thought of a spanking from her mother, coupled by an immediate concern that her father might also partake and deliver one from his own hand, Shelley decided that her only course of action was to run.

I hope you enjoyed this short snippet. Don’t forget to head over to Saturday Spankings to see the offerings from other authors.

Carole x


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