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For this week’s Saturday Spankings, I am going to use another extract from my new book, tentatively titled The Delinquent Bride. It is still with my editor, and although we had expected to have it published earlier this month, he’s put back final editing by another two weeks so it’s going to be May now.

Last week’s Saturday Spankings offering saw Shelley sent to her room to await her mother. This week’s extract picks up from where her mother caught up with her. Despite her predicament, and her fear of the hairbrush, Shelley still did not bite her tongue and got herself into even more trouble with an already angry Lady Annabelle.

Although this story is situated in part on the Titanic, Shelley is still at her home with her parents in this extract:-

Lady Annabelle frowned at her daughter. “Young lady, a lot of time and money has gone into arranging this wedding. It will be going ahead. Your father is correct. It is time you took a husband. The Duke is a good man and will treat you well.”

Shelley spouted loudly, “Mother, just because you choose to be a doormat to a man, doesn’t mean I have to follow in your footsteps!”

Lady Annabelle gripped her daughter’s wrist firmly. “What has gotten into you?” she demanded. “Again, your father is correct. You do deserve a good hiding. I told you to go to your room earlier, but you had to be defiant and disobey me. Believe me, this time your bottom will pay dearly for your rebellion. It seems a hand spanking is no longer a concern of yours, is it? You, young lady, have left me with no choice but to be much firmer with you.”

I hope you enjoyed this short extract. Don’t forget to head over to Saturday Spankings to read the offerings from some very talented authors.

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