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I should be doing final editing on my tentatively titled The Delinquent Bride this week, so hopefully it will be published very soon. In the meantime, I’ll share another short extract, again following on with Shelley and her mother:-

“I can’t believe that you think I am mature enough to get married, but still admonish me as if I were no more than a small child!” Shelley protested angrily, unable to break free of the iron grip of her mother’s fingers.

Lady Annabelle did not respond verbally, instead effortlessly tugging the abashed young woman unceremoniously across her lap. Shelley threw her hands out, fearing she might topple to the floor, and struggled desperately as her mother angled her forward so her hands touched the carpet beneath her head, and her legs dangled helplessly behind. Shelley kicked frantically, her distress growing as her mother raised her knee and tipped her further across the maternal lap.

“Shelley, you are to calm down this minute,” her mother ordered, giving her bottom a sharp slap. Shelley temporarily ceased her struggles and froze in place. “Your father is absolutely furious with you. It was his intention to spank you himself, which would be a good deal more painful and humiliating than a spanking from me, young lady.”

Shelley recalled the single stinging spank from her father and shook her head, unable to imagine the embarrassment and pain in receiving a proper spanking from a man. She was grateful that her mother ordinarily did not spank very hard, and that she suffered more humiliation than pain. She also knew she could conclude the punishment if she turned on the waterworks. She was concerned, however, about that lethal hairbrush in her mother’s hand.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from my book partly set aboard the Titanic. Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see the offerings from the other talented authors.

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