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I am taking this week’s Saturday Spankings from my newly released The Delinquent Bride.

This extract is taken after Shelley has boarded the Titanic. Feeling seasick, and shellshocked that she has actually walked out on her planned marriage to the Duke, and run away from home, she is a little snappy when her new employer Henry asks her to clean his bathroom. Not used to being given orders, she is slightly stroppy with him, unable to understand why anyone would want a brand new bathroom cleaning. Forgetting her place, she unwittingly pushes Henry too far – discovering to her horror that her mother is not the only one willing to upend and spank her!

I hope you enjoy this short extract:-

Shelley gasped when Henry suddenly grabbed her wrist and halted her retreat from the room. He pulled her back towards him and marched her through to the sitting area of his suite. Shelley immediately started to panic as Henry muttered under his breath and dragged a straight-backed chair across to the centre of the room. Shelley’s mouth dropped open when he sat down, shook his head angrily, and tugged her effortlessly across his lap.

“No,” she shrieked, immediately trying to push up from such a humiliating position. She barely knew the man, yet he was taking such liberties. “I’ll do it now if it’s so important to you.” Shelley was outraged that Henry saw fit to treat her like a common servant. She had witnessed her father physically chastising the maids when dissatisfied with their work, and she could barely believe this man felt he could handle her in a similar manner. It didn’t occur to Shelley that she was now one of Henry’s staff, and he was dealing with her as he would any other disobedient maid.

The Delinquent Bride is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and All Romance Ebooks, and will be coming soon to Blushing Books.

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Carole x


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