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This week, I’d like to share a little more from my recently released The Delinquent Bride.

Desperate to escape marriage to a man she does not know, let alone love, Shelley has fled her home. By a stroke of luck, she finds herself aboard the Titanic, working for wealthy American businessman Henry Kendall.

In the last snippet I shared from this story, a seasick and bad tempered Shelley forgot her manners and earned herself a trip across Henry’s lap. Her bottom bared when she still refuses to behave, Henry discovers the cause of Shelley’s distress – an already bruised bottom from a sound application of her mother’s hairbrush the previous evening.

When Henry queries why her behind is so marked, and who did this to her, Shelley remains tight-lipped, her refusal to answer only increasing his resolve to make her backside even sorer.

The Delinquent Bride by Carole Archer

I hope you enjoy:-

“Such a wilful, naughty girl,” Henry sighed. “Your attitude certainly isn’t helping you. I’d watch your manners, especially given the position you’re in,” he warned. “Are you going to answer me?”

Shelley clenched her buttocks and closed her eyes. She certainly would not tell Henry that her mother had spanked her, and she did not intend for him to know that she had run away from home. He would likely send her straight back, and she wasn’t about to risk that happening.

“Fine, have it your way. I’ll add ignorance to your list of crimes,” Henry announced, as he patted her tensed buns. “As you have nothing to say, we’ll get on with your spanking, then you can get back to work.”

If you enjoyed this and would like to read more, The Delinquent Bride is available to purchase at and

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