Saturday Spankings

For this week’s Saturday Spankings, I’d like to share another extract from The Delinquent Bride.

Desperate to escape marriage to a man she does not know, let alone love, Shelley has fled her home. By a stroke of luck, she finds herself aboard the Titanic, working for wealthy American businessman Henry Kendall.

In this snippet, Shelley receives a well deserved spanking from Henry for breaking one of his rules.

The Delinquent Bride by Carole Archer

I hope you enjoy:-

Pulling her to her feet, he quickly tipped her across his lap before she could object.

Shelley struggled when he raised her nightdress and tugged down her bloomers. She yelped the instant his hand smacked down hard, and she squirmed as he continued to spank her behind hard and fast. It was definitely the hardest spanking she had received from him, and she gritted her teeth as his hand cracked in a steady rhythm against her quivering butt cheeks.

She was in genuine distress as he took the spanking down onto her upper thighs, her legs scissoring frantically when his sharp spanks stung to the point where she could hold her desperate cries back no more.

Eventually, against her better judgement but unable to bear the pain any longer, she reached back in a desperate attempt to cover her bottom. Henry immediately gripped her wrist, continuing to rain hard smacks down onto her burning backside. Shelley was howling her apologies and sobbing hysterically when Henry thankfully stopped and helped her to her feet.

If you liked this and want to read more, The Delinquent Bride is available to purchase at and

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Carole x

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