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For this week’s Saturday Spankings I want to share an extract from my new book, Dreamer, which was released a week ago.

After twenty years in the same job, Deena Wood is laid off with a good severance package. Instead of wallowing, she is surprisingly positive about her future and excited at the opportunity to train for a new career. Her love of baking and a lifelong dream to run her own bakery leads her to enroll in cooking classes at her local university.Although Deena is keen to improve her skills, she finds herself frequently daydreaming – mainly about her gorgeous tutor Martin Vine. There’s an undeniable attraction between them and eventually they give in to their desires, discovering a shared love of spanking. Unfortunately for Deena, she quickly learns that Martin doesn’t only spank for fun, he’s a strong believer in domestic discipline. She’s embarrassed to find herself on the receiving end of humiliating punishments such as enemas and anal play, as well as very hard spankings. But as life throws obstacles in their way, will Deena have to chose between her dream bakery or the man she loves? Or is there a way she can have them both?This couple are a little older, Deena in her mid-30s and Martin in his mid-40s, but I think that works really well for this story. This is definitely the story I have enjoyed writing most. I hope you’ll go and buy it and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Dreamer by Carole Archer

“Sorry I’m late,” I shout, dashing into the classroom, dropping my bags at my workstation and tugging off my coat. Hanging it up, I grab my apron and pull it on, hurrying over to join the group assembled around Martin’s work area.

Colour heats my cheeks as Martin regards me sternly, looks at his watch, and shakes his head. “I’m pleased you could join us,” he greets me, his eyes never leaving mine as he unbuttons his cuffs and slowly rolls up his sleeves. I watch the motion with bated breath, imagining him calling me to the front of the class to scold me—and spank me – for my tardiness.

I close my eyes and visualise myself bending over, hands flat on his workbench. His palm presses down between my shoulder blades, flattening my breasts against the hard surface. One hand rests gently on the small of my back, and I experience a sharp intake of breath as his other hand smacks down on my upturned bottom.


Glancing up, my cheeks flush as I realise Martin is addressing me—and I’m daydreaming yet again! “Sir?” I whimper, chewing my lip anxiously when my classmates start to snigger. “Sorry, I mean, M-M-Martin.”


I hope you enjoyed this snippet taken from early in the book. If you want to read more, I hope you might consider heading over to Amazon or Blushing Books to purchase it:-

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Carole x


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