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For this week’s Saturday Spankings I want to share another extract from my latest book, Dreamer.

After twenty years in the same job, Deena Wood is laid off with a good severance package. Instead of wallowing, she is surprisingly positive about her future and excited at the opportunity to train for a new career. Her love of baking and a lifelong dream to run her own bakery leads her to enroll in cooking classes at her local university.Although Deena is keen to improve her skills, she finds herself frequently daydreaming – mainly about her gorgeous tutor Martin Vine. There’s an undeniable attraction between them and eventually they give in to their desires, discovering a shared love of spanking. Unfortunately for Deena, she quickly learns that Martin doesn’t only spank for fun, he’s a strong believer in domestic discipline. She’s embarrassed to find herself on the receiving end of humiliating punishments such as enemas and anal play, as well as very hard spankings. But as life throws obstacles in their way, will Deena have to chose between her dream bakery or the man she loves? Or is there a way she can have them both?This couple are a little older, Deena in her mid-30s and Martin in his mid-40s, but I think that works really well for this story. This is definitely the story I have enjoyed writing most. I hope you’ll go and buy it and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Dreamer by Carole Archer

Although I’m trembling as I look into those cool blue eyes, the small wrinkles beneath them disappearing as his eyebrows rise, I feel the corners of my mouth twitching.

His eyes widen further and he gazes at me incredulously. “You think this is funny?” he asks. “Needing to have your bottom smacked by your tutor, like a naughty little girl?”

I swallow audibly and shuffle in discomfort, chewing my lower lip. “I’m sorry, sir,” I whisper, and that wicked twinkle lights up his eyes.

“Oh believe me, you will be. When I’m finished with you, you’ll be more than sorry.”

Opening my mouth to speak—probably not very wise as the question on the tip of my tongue is ‘how can I be

more than sorry? Surely I’m either sorry or I’m not!’—I yelp as he grasps my wrist and drags me towards the corner of his living room, propelling me forward with sharp slaps to my backside.

As I’m pushed nose first into the corner, I reach back with both hands and caress my stinging cheeks. I can’t contain my smile when he sighs deeply, his warm breath tickling the back of my neck.

“Oh, you really are a bad girl, aren’t you?”


I hope you enjoyed this snippet. If you want to read more, I hope you might consider heading over to Amazon or Blushing Books to purchase it:-

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Carole x


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