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For this week’s Saturday Spankings, I want to share an extract from my new, yet-to-be-released book, Adirondack Heights. It should be available very soon.

Adirondack Heights Girls’ College is nestled in the mountains of New York. Journalism major student, Kelly Anderson, is desperate to find something decent to write about for the school paper. She’s fed up with dull stories about the school mascot and other such trivial matters, though she has injected some life – and gained the interest of many students – by writing wildlife articles, and interesting pieces about the history of the Adirondacks. In her search for juicy news, she stumbles upon medical research being done behind closed doors in the college. Despite warnings to keep her nose out, Kelly soon finds herself in way too deep, risking the scholarship she fought so hard to get.

This extract is from early in the book, when Kelly is chatting to drunken students at a party, trying to find a story that will blow the socks off the school paper. While talking to fellow student, Rachel McMillan, Kelly finds the inebriated young woman sharing things she may well regret when she sobers up, including details of a strapping she received from her father, followed by an even more humiliating punishment from her mother:-

“Momma took me straight to my room when my thrashing was over,” Rachel explained. “She marched me through the house, still half naked, in front of my brothers. But worse was still to come,” she said, blinking back tears and taking a deep breath.

Kelly tried to imagine what could possibly be more terrible than that. Rachel quickly supplied her with the answer. “She took me across her lap and gave me a large soap suds enema, for making Daddy so angry,” Rachel tearfully admitted, her cheeks reddening. “She said I was too sore to be spanked, so she punished me in a way she promised me I would never forget. Believe me I never have forgotten it. I don’t imagine I ever will.”

I hope you enjoyed this short extract. The book is edited and ready to go (I’m only waiting to see the cover), so hopefully it will be available for purchase soon.

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Happy New Year!

Carole x


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