I’ve just found this blog hop, and after doing my post for Saturday Spankings, I decided to give this a go too, to share a slightly longer extract from my soon-to-be-released book, Adirondack Heights.

Adirondack Heights is a girls college, nestled in the mountains of New York. Kelly Anderson is the lead reporter on the school paper, and is reluctantly out partying with the other students, searching for some hot gossip to liven up the dull newspaper. She’s injected a little life into it recently with historical pieces about the area, and wildlife articles, which are a hit with the students. She finds herself in a deep discussion with fellow student, Rachel McMillan, who really opens up to her, and Kelly is strangely aroused by the girl’s admissions (below). Later in the book, Kelly does find her juicy story, but it could end up costing her the scholarship she fought so hard for.

“Hey, don’t cry,” Kelly said sympathetically, reaching forward to squeeze the girl’s hand.

Rachel shrugged and swiped at her tears with the heel of her hand. “Sorry,” she apologized. “It’s just that Daddy will be so cross with me. I need to improve my grades quickly or he’ll…” Rachel swallowed and looked at Kelly, her face pale. “He’ll p-p-punish me,” she quickly blurted out.

“Punish you?” Kelly asked, confused.

“Yeah, I mean he’ll sp-sp-spank me,” Rachel confessed, lowering her gaze.

Kelly’s eyes widened. “I’m sure he won’t do that. You’re an adult, not a little girl. If you just talk to him….”

Rachel shook her head and gripped Kelly’s hand tightly. “You don’t understand. Daddy has a woodshed. It was for the boys. Mom always dealt with me and my sisters, using a heavy wooden hairbrush,” she admitted, frowning and squirming in her seat.

Kelly gasped in shock, never having been subjected to real discipline—at least not physical chastisement. Her parents had simply sent her to her room if she misbehaved, permitting her to come back out when she apologized. For more serious misdeeds, her allowance had been stopped and she was grounded. Although she hated having her privileges withdrawn, Kelly was sincerely grateful her parents were not spankers.

“You poor thing,” Kelly sympathized, gently patting her hand.

Rachel nodded. “Mom’s brush really hurt, but I know now that I had it real easy growing up, not like my poor brothers.” Rachel shuddered. “Daddy’s strap. He kept it in the woodshed.” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “I teased my brothers relentlessly, but now I know what they had to endure,” she admitted, wincing and touching her bottom as if the mere memory caused her pain.

“Don’t,” Kelly pleaded. “Please don’t think about it if it upsets you so much.” Rachel let out a small laugh. “You have no idea, do you?” Kelly shook her head, her expression blank.

“I really was a good girl growing up, believe it or not,” Rachel said, laughing nervously. “I rarely felt the back of Mom’s brush. The odd times that I did, I quickly learned my lesson.”

Rachel’s cheeks flushed and she squirmed in her seat, clearly distressed. Kelly squeezed her hand, encouraging her to continue.

“When I was nineteen, Daddy caught me smoking. He was so ashamed and took me straight out to his woodshed.” Rachel paused, swallowed audibly and closed her eyes.

“He’d never punished me before. I was terrified.”

Kelly held her breath and nodded, waiting for Rachel to continue her tale.

“I honestly didn’t think he’d do it. Even when he raised my skirt, I thought he was just trying to frighten me. But then he strapped my bottom a few times before suddenly releasing me and telling me to go to my room,” Rachel added, with a shudder.

Kelly shook her head and patted Rachel’s shoulder affectionately. “You poor thing,” she consoled her.

Ignoring her sympathy, Rachel continued. “My brother found me crying in my room and asked what had happened. I told him, expecting him to cuddle me, but he said I’d had it easy. He told me they always got it on the bare and never less than a couple of

dozen licks.”

Rachel trembled before smiling wryly. “Daddy let me keep my panties on,” she recalled. “I do wear them sometimes,” she added with a laugh, “and I was certainly grateful for them that day.”

Kelly patted her hand gently. Rachel turned and looked her straight in the eye. “I was so angry with Daddy for doing that to me. I was always his little girl. I was his favorite. I just couldn’t believe he was capable….” Her voice trailed off as she covered her face with her hands.

Kelly smiled. She could relate to what Rachel was saying. As an only child, her own father had positively doted on her. She couldn’t imagine him ever being angry enough to raise a hand to her.

“I couldn’t believe he did something so awful to me,” Rachel mumbled into her hands, shaking her head as if she still hadn’t come to terms with her father’s harsh punishment. Lifting her head, she looked into Kelly’s eyes and continued. “I was totally humiliated. In a foolish act of vengeance, I took my boyfriend into the woodshed. I begged him to fuck me over Daddy’s spanking bench.”

Kelly gasped, before sniggering. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh.”

Rachel gave her a small smile. “That’s okay. I thought it was funny too, until Daddy caught us. He sent my boyfriend home and told me to stay where I was, half naked, my bare butt in the air.” Rachel paused and closed her eyes, while Kelly held her breath.

“Then he held me down and strapped me hard. I made such a fuss, but it hurt so much,” Rachel confessed, a blush staining her cheeks.

Kelly shuffled uncomfortably in her chair. She felt pity for Rachel, but the thought of her bending across a spanking bench, bare bottomed, made her feel unusually aroused.

“I struggled. I couldn’t help it,” she explained, eyes wide as she related her tale. “He called my mom to hold me down. I begged her to let me go when Daddy told her he was going outside to cut a switch, but she ignored my pleas. People in the next town must have heard my cries when he striped my butt. It was agony, but worse than that, Momma was so ashamed of me,” Rachel added, sniffling and brushing away a tear as she averted her gaze.

Kelly frowned, unable to believe her mother’s shame was worse than a bare bottom switching.

“Momma took me straight to my room when my thrashing was over,” Rachel explained. “She marched me through the house, still half naked, in front of my brothers. But worse was still to come,” she said, blinking back tears and taking a deep breath.

Kelly tried to imagine what could possibly be more terrible than that. Rachel quickly supplied her with the answer. “She took me across her lap and gave me a large soap suds enema, for making Daddy so angry,” Rachel tearfully admitted, her cheeks reddening. “She said I was too sore to be spanked, so she punished me in a way she promised me I would never forget. Believe me I never have forgotten it. I don’t imagine I ever will.”

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from my latest book. At the time of writing this blog post, I was awaiting my cover from my publisher, for approval before publication. Hopefully, at this time the book might have been released, or if not I’m sure it won’t be long before it is.

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Carole x

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