Adirondack Heights by Carole Archer

Kelly Anderson is thrilled to have landed herself a reporting role on the college newspaper at the Adirondack Heights Girls’ College, but she is becoming disillusioned with the dull, uninspiring subject matter about which she is expected to write.

Going off in search of her own material, she finds more than she bargained for when she speaks to Rachel McMillan and discovers a deep, dark secret about one of her professors.

Desperate not to lose her place at the college, Kelly agrees to take part in humiliating medical play, including anal play and enemas, at the hands of the attractive, Professor McAllister, and his female colleague, Professor Lindhurst.

* * *

Now that Adirondack Heights is available for purchase on Amazon, I’d like to share another extract from it. I’m currently working on a third book in my Charles Smith series (The Charles Smith Scholarship) which I should be finished writing in the next couple of weeks, so maybe next week I will share a snippet from that. Here’s this week’s offering for WIP It Up Wednesdays. Enjoy, and don’t forget to head over to the WIP It Up Wednesdays blog to read what other authors are working on:-

Professor McAllister suddenly crossed the room, grabbed a chair and dragged it into the center of the large tiled floor. Setting it down, he sat and gazed sternly at Rachel. “Strip, put your hands on your head, and stand there until I’m ready to deal with you,” he ordered, pointing to a spot a couple of feet away from him.

Kelly gasped with shock as Rachel not only complied with his request, ever so slowly removing her clothing and dropping it to the floor until she stood naked before him, but as she raised her arms and put her hands on her head she actually apologized to Professor McAllister too.

“Right, young lady,” he said, grasping Kelly’s wrist and pulling her towards him. “This is your last chance to back out, but remember your only alternative is expulsion from the college. I’m afraid there can be no other option if you refuse to participate.”

“Oh no, please, sir, I couldn’t bear to be sent home. Please don’t do that,” she pleaded.

“Very well, take off your clothes and lay across my lap,” he ordered, turning to Professor Lindhurst. “Amy, please, could you bring me a rectal thermometer and some lubricant?”

Kelly gasped as Professor Lindhurst nodded and walked across the room, opening a cabinet on the wall and selecting some items.

Looking to her left, Kelly’s eyes widened at the sight of Rachel standing naked beside her, hands on her head, large bare breasts sticking out with nipples erect. Her eyes moved down her slim, tanned body to her shaven mound.

“Come on, hurry up, girl. Get those clothes off,” Professor McAllister urged her. “I can see you’re already aroused at the sight of Rachel’s naked body.” Kelly shook her head vehemently in protest, but her crotch ached to be touched.

“Oh, I can see we’re going to have some fun with you tonight,” he said, laughing. “As tomorrow’s Sunday and there’s no classes for any of us to go to, we have all the time in the world to ensure we do a very thorough job with you.”

Kelly trembled in both fear and arousal as she closed her eyes and reluctantly started to unbutton her shirt. Swallowing nervously, she dropped it to the floor and shuddered. She was horrified to find Professor McAllister standing in front of her, gazing at her breasts spilling out of her half-cup bra.

“I won’t make a very good st-tudy case,” she stammered, unbuttoning her jeans

and hesitantly lowering the zipper. “I’ve only ever had one boyfriend. He said I was frigid,” she admitted, blushing crimson. She hoped Professor McAllister might decide he was wasting his time and allow her to leave. It surely made no sense carrying out such research on an unresponsive subject.

Kelly’s hopes were shattered when Professor McAllister grinned. “I like a challenge,” he stated, gripping the sides of her jeans and tugging them down to mid-thigh. “Tell me, Kelly, are you still a virgin?” he asked.

Kelly shook her head and balled her hands into fists, not wanting to anger him by attempting to pull her jeans back up.

As he stepped behind her, Kelly chewed her lip anxiously, feeling his hands unhooking her bra. His fingers brushed against her sensitive skin as he slipped the straps off her shoulders. Walking back around to the front of her, he grasped her bra and yanked it away. She blushed as his eyes settled on her small, firm and embarrassingly bare breasts.

“Very nice,” he murmured appreciatively, leaning forward to kiss each nipple in turn. Kelly closed her eyes and clenched her fists tighter. “No,” she whimpered, as his lips closed around her right nipple. He began to suck gently as she stiffened. Reaching down between her legs, he cupped her mound over her panties. Kelly shuddered.

“Your ex was a fool. You’re certainly not frigid,” he said, smiling as he slipped his hand down the front of her panties. “He just didn’t know what buttons to press,” he noted, as his finger found her clit, causing her to gasp.

Horrified at her reaction, Kelly clamped her legs together and tried to push away his hand. Immediately he spun her away from him, yanked her panties down and slapped her butt hard. Kelly yelped and reached back to cover her ass, just as his hand landed firmly on her other cheek.

“Stop resisting,” he told her sternly, turning her back to face him and taking her panties down to rest against her jeans. “Relax and you might actually enjoy this,” he said, grinning as he sat down and flipped her across his lap. “But you’re right to stop me touching you. We ought to save it for when we have the monitors attached,” he said with a resigned sigh.

Kelly struggled to get up, wanting to know what monitors they intended to attach to her. She yelped loudly as he ignored her protests and started to land heavy smacks on her bare ass. “When you calm down, we’ll begin,” he told her, smacking her butt sharply. “This will be so much easier if you decide to be a good girl,” he added, landing several more stinging slaps on her quivering cheeks.

“Okay, I’ll be good,” Kelly shrieked. “Please, stop. It really hurts,” she protested. Her legs kicked frantically, her backside burning and tears stinging her eyes.

Immediately, her spanking stopped, but Kelly didn’t have time to feel any relief as her butt cheeks were immediately grabbed and tugged apart roughly, exposing her asshole. “Lube her up,” he said, and Kelly whimpered as Professor Lindhurst’s long, manicured fingernail playfully tickled her anus, before the digit slowly penetrated her. Kelly gasped, trying to push up. “Relax,” the professor encouraged the younger woman, as she gently probed her with her slim, well-lubricated finger, which slid deep into her bottom.

Kelly’s cheeks were burning with humiliation. When she turned her head to the side, she was shocked to see Rachel, still standing a few feet away, naked and with her

hands atop her head. Her blush deepened as Rachel smiled sympathetically. She’d forgotten all about the other girl watching, her mind totally focused on her own ordeal.

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief when Professor Lindhurst removed her finger and her buttocks were released. Before she had chance to relax fully, Professor McAllister wrapped one arm tightly around her waist and patted her butt gently. “Be a good girl. Let me make sure you’re fit and well to take part in our trial,” he said calmly. Kelly hoped desperately that she would not be in good health, though admittedly she felt fine.

A finger once more pressed against her anus and she immediately tensed. Professor McAllister sighed loudly. “Do I need to take a paddle to your butt to encourage you to behave?” he asked, his finger slowly worming its way into her tight entrance.

“No, sir, I’m sorry. I’m trying to be good,” she whimpered—and she truly was. It was harder than she had expected, allowing someone to touch and probe her most private parts in such an intimate way. And worse than that, she was becoming further aroused.

“That’s better,” he praised, as his finger delved deeper into her. Kelly’s eyes widened and she reared up slightly. His finger was much thicker and longer than his female colleague’s. Willing herself to settle down, fearful of being paddled, she closed her eyes as Professor McAllister chuckled, his finger moving slowly in and out of her tight rectum.

“If you’re having trouble accommodating my finger, what on earth are you going to do when I put a butt plug up here?” he asked with amusement.

Kelly opened her mouth to protest, gasping loudly when his finger was removed, and a thin, rigid object slipped into her bottom hole. “I’m just taking your temperature,” he reassured her. Kelly’s cheeks instantly flushed. She had never had her temperature taken in such a way. It felt strange and entirely humiliating. Trembling slightly, she concentrated on breathing slowly. She felt immense relief when he finally slipped the thermometer out, but her heart sunk when he announced she was fit and well to continue.

Helping Kelly to stand, he gripped her wrist and turned to Professor Lindhurst. “Amy, could you go and prepare me two large soap suds enemas please?” he asked. She nodded in response, while Kelly shook her head in disbelief. “Please, no,” she whimpered, but her feeble protests were ignored.

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