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This is a follow-on from my first two books, The Charles Smith Method and The Charles Smith Academy. It is also a stand-alone book in its own right, and gives sufficient background for those who haven’t read the first two books. The Charles Smith Scholarship picks up five years later, when the Academy is going strong, and Judge Walker delivers the latest batch of students. For the first time in the Academy’s history, they are to take in male students, which Mr Bainbridge has some concerns about. The tutors are paired up with the youngsters, all competing for their chance to win a scholarship in America the following year.

This is my 13th book, and as I’m a little superstitious about that number, I have written 13 chapters – hoping this in some way overrides the bad luck associated with that.

I’m thrilled to finally get this long overdue sequel written, as my Sir’s initials are MAS and the trilogy is dedicated to him – Method, Academy, Scholarship. He proof reads everything I write, and encouraged me to first get published. I owe it to his constant encouragement that I’m still writing now – and I’m grateful to him for a lot more than that.

I finished writing this in January, but haven’t written much else since due to a family bereavement, but I’m pleased to say I’ve recently started to write a sequel to one of my favourite stories I’ve written – Melissa’s Punishment Examination. I’m pleased to be writing again, and thrilled to have a new book out now.

This extract is taken from early in the book, when Jenny has angered Harry and earned herself a trip across his lap:-

The Charles Smith Scholarship by Carole Archer

“Judge Walker is coming round today. The summer break is almost over and we’re due a new batch of students. I need you to set a good example for them,” he said, landing a hard smack on the centre of her behind. Jenny stiffened. “Sometimes you just need a little reminder of how to behave.” He grasped her waistband and tugged firmly downwards, but the snug garment refused to budge.

Despite Jenny’s position, she started to laugh. “Sorry, these are Hazel’s pants. I think they’re a little tight,” she said with a grin, squealing as Harry’s hard hand cracked down on her thigh.

“Let’s see how funny you find a leg smacking,” he scolded, holding her firmly and sharply slapping all the way down the back of her left thigh. “I’m not wasting my time spanking the seat of your pants. That would hurt my hand more than it would your bottom.”

I hope you enjoyed this short extract from The Charles Smith Scholarship, which is now available via Amazon and Blushing Books.

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Carole x


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