The Charles Smith Scholarship by Carole Archer

This is a follow-on to my first two books ever published, The Charles Smith Method and The Charles Smith Academy. I’ve been told it also works as a stand-alone book, by someone who had not read the first two but still could follow what was going on. It is available on Blushing Books and Amazon – where the two earlier books are also still available, if you wanted to read all three.

In late 1970s London, The Charles Smith Academy has been running for five years, taking in students who have fallen foul of the law, giving them their only alternative to a custodial sentence.

Six new students are due to arrive for the new school year, and Judge Walker brings news that the Academy will be taking in male pupils for the first time ever. Mr Bainbridge has grave doubts about this, believing the changes will bring trouble.

The students will also be competing for a scholarship in California. Mr and Mrs Hutchinson, Mr Bainbridge, Hazel, Jenny and Harry team up with the students to compete against each other for the coveted scholarship in America, but as the youths struggle to adapt to the strict regime of discipline, the teachers wonder if Judge Walker has been a little ambitious with his plans.

I really enjoyed going back to the characters of my first ever book, and I really appreciated the opportunity to have a third book published in this series, especially it gave me an opportunity to dedicate it to my ‘sir’. He has been in my life for 10 years and he’s helped me with so many things, including my writing. His initials are MAS and I always planned this to be a trilogy in recognition of his help – Method, Academy and Scholarship.

The Charles Smith Scholarship is my 13th book. I can barely believe it, and am now writing a sequel to Melissa’s Punishment Examination, something I very much enjoyed writing.

Carole x

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