Since writing my first medical play book almost two years ago, Melissa’s Punishment Examination, I have been keen to write a follow-up. Finally, tentatively titled Melissa and the Medic, it’s finished and with my editor.

In Melissa’s Punishment Examination, Melissa was given a humiliating and probing punishment by her boss, Dr. Ben Williams, for frequent lateness and absence from work. His wife, practice nurse Barbara, assisted him, and she also called in trainee, Jason Jennings, to help. I hinted at an attraction between the pair, and this new story explores the relationship between Melissa and Jason, as he works for four weeks at the clinic where she is a receptionist.

The story contains lots of spanking and sex between the hot young couple, and also medical examination, rectal temp taking and enemas. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this and hope it won’t be too long before it’s published. I also introduced another new character, Ben’s doctor uncle from England, and have written a brief outline of a further book.

I have had an eventful couple of weeks, actually having the book finished three weeks ago. It only needed a final proof read, but I decided to be ‘helpful’ and change Dr, Mr and Mrs to the American style of Dr., Mr. and Mrs. I did a search and replace for each word, didn’t check what it was correcting and simply said ‘yes’ to all changes. The Mr and Mrs changes weren’t too much of a problem, the only mistake there being that wherever I should have had Mrs. I actually had Mr.s. It had clearly picked up the word as Mr and then as Mrs as well! Oops. Regrettably the Dr change threw up a whole load of problems. I didn’t realise how many words contain the letters DR until I started to read through and found words such as Dr.ive, Dr.iven, Dr.ama, adDr.ess, Dr.essed, in the middle of sentences – and the list goes on!!! Unfortunately, I had made further changes as I worked my way through, so hitting undo would not have helped.

When I spoke to my Sir about this mistake, he said “Well surely you can just go to the copy of it you created BEFORE making any changes and simply start again, being more careful with your search and replace this time.” Erm, that might have worked, if I’d actually remembered to keep a copy!!! This is something we have discussed recently when I’ve had similar mishaps, but it seems I forgot. Oops, I have a feeling I’m in for a reminder spanking when I see him next, though as he’s very old and I only see him once a month, he might actually forget 😉

It took me almost a week to correct all those changes and give it a final proof read, and it’s almost two weeks since I sent Melissa and the Medic to my publisher. I expect to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the story within a week or so, and the editing will begin in around a month’s time. In the meantime I’ll get on with writing something else.


Carole x

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