I’ve had a slightly trying time this week. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to work full-time, write, do my parents’ shopping, do my own shopping, housework, cooking and the numerous other things we all do on a day-to-day basis.

I hope the work situation might change next year, and I may be able to reduce my hours slightly. I plan to drop one day a week. I would have to write on this day to make my plan viable, and to give myself a kick start I’ve set myself a target of completing three further books this year. This first, tentatively titled Melissa and the Medic, is with the publisher now. I’ve been frantically scribbling out an outline for my next story over the last few days, which I hope to start writing this weekend.

As I mentioned, I have too much to do and not enough hours to do it in, and this hasn’t been helped by me deciding to train for a full marathon walk in September. Unfortunately that is going to have to fall by the wayside this year. I just can’t dedicate the time to the training. I was slightly giddy after doing a half marathon walk in June and had loads of energy at the finish, so I decided it would be good to challenge myself to double the distance and walk 26.2 miles. I voiced my intentions to my boss and the next thing she announced during a team meeting that I AM doing this in September. I only said I would consider doing it so was not happy when she did this. I then got one of the big bosses phoning me, saying how good this was, and I didn’t feel able to say I’d changed my mind. I have tried with the training, but my writing time is precious and I’m going to have to regrettably pull out of the walk. As my ankle has been swelling up, I can cite health reasons and suggest I try again next year.

And although I admit I don’t have enough time, I found myself volunteering to organise the annual Winter Ball for a slimming club where I work on a Thursday evening! Although there’s quite a bit of work involved now booking everything, visiting the venue, publicising the event and keeping a log of those coming and collecting deposits, after that I can put it aside until closer to the time. And I am really looking forward to this, so I won’t begrudge doing it. I’m already planning my dress, and looking forward to giving my ‘Sir’ a sneak preview of it – and of course, he’ll have to spank me in it, for no other reason than he can!

My busy week wasn’t helped when my computer picked up a virus (I won’t say anything I did caused that virus, because then I could be held accountable and generally it isn’t good for my bottom to admit guilt). Fortunately, my niece’s attractive young boyfriend came around and fixed the problem, causing me more than a few blushes as he restored all my documents – years’ worth of writing, a lot of it part written – and read out some of the titles to check he was in the correct area. My niece had told him what type of stuff I write that he would find on there, so I think he was teasing me a little. Thank God he didn’t open any of the many pictures ‘Sir’ has taken of my bottom, before, during or after spanking sessions! I think I’d still be blushing now, three days later, if that was the case!!! I have not yet discussed this slight ‘mishap’ with my Sir, but when I do I don’t imagine he will be sympathetic about my plight. Instead he’ll do what he does best – lecture me about how I need to be more careful. He’ll then ask how often I run the various anti virus checkers he installed, and my fate depends on whether I can manage to fib and say I run them now and again (meaning not very often) or whether my mouth goes into overdrive and admits that I usually forget. I’d go with the latter!

Now, back to that writing!

Carole x

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