Saturday SpankingsAs I’ve just recently sent my next book, tentatively titled Melissa and the Medic, to the publisher, I thought I would share an extract from Melissa’s Punishment Examination, which this book follows on from.

Melissa’s Punishment Examination was quite harsh, in that poor Melissa was being punished by her bosses for her frequent lateness and absence. The humiliating punishments did awaken desires inside of her, but the second book shows a kinder side to all of the characters, and explores Melissa’s growing relationship with trainee Physician Assistant, Jason. It contains lots of spankings, sex, anal play, rectal temp taking and enemas, and I had a lot of fun writing it.

This is taken from Melissa’s Punishment Examination, after Melissa had endured a long and humiliating punishment including spankings, rectal temp taking and enemas. Her embarrassment increases when Jason is brought in to join them – the first time she has ever met him – and she is naked. Dr. Williams has just told Melissa to put her hands on her head otherwise he will spank her again. She is embarrassed beyond belief that Jason is seeing her with no clothes on, and that she is being forced to stand in such a position in front of him, but her humiliation is complete – she believes – when Jason is told that she has been spanked. Little does she know, the doctor and his wife are not quite finished with her yet:-

Melissa's Punishment Examination by Carole Archer

She could almost feel the young man’s eyes exploring every inch of her naked body as she tried desperately not to look at him.

“Actually, another spanking is a very good idea,” said Barbara, smiling as Melissa stared at her open mouthed. Barbara pulled her dress up around her thighs and sat on a chair in the center of the room, patting her lap. “Come on, unless you want Jason to spank you instead,” she offered.

Melissa glared at the grinning Jason and hurried toward Barbara, giving her a hurt look before lowering herself across her thighs. “Don’t look at me like that, young lady,” scolded Barbara, landing a sharp smack on each bottom cheek. “This is your own doing,” she added, as she took a tight grip around the young woman’s waist and delivered a firm spanking to her bottom.

The spanking was not as painful as the one delivered to Melissa by Dr. Williams, but she whimpered and squirmed, kicking her legs frantically and begging Barbara to stop and release her. Melissa promised to be a good girl as she kicked her legs harder, unaware of the show she was giving to Dr. Williams and Jason.

If you enjoyed this short extract from Melissa’s Punishment Examination and would like to read more, go to  or Blushing Books to purchase your copy. And if you enjoy this book, look out for my next book, a continuation of Melissa’s story, hopefully coming soon.

Don’t forget to head over to Saturday Spankings to visit the other author blogs to read some more extracts from some fantastic books.

Thank you for reading.

Carole x

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