After I enjoyed very much writing my first medical play story, Melissa’s Punishment Examination, I have been toying with the idea of writing a sequel for some time.

Melissa’s Punishment Examination followed the story of the young receptionist who was punished by her two bosses, Dr. Ben Williams and his practice nurse wife, Barbara, due to her being frequently late for work and calling in sick – she was not actually ill, but partying with friends, sunbathing or sleeping off a hangover. After a humiliating punishment, including spankings, rectal temp taking, anal play and enemas, Melissa was horrified when the trainee physician assistant, who was due to join the practice the following week for four weeks’ work experience, was taken in to assist with her continued punishment. There was a definite attraction between them, and when I wrote the character of Jason into my story, I intended to develop the relationship between them in a second book.

Almost three weeks ago I completed Melissa and the Medic, which is now with my publisher. Although it may end up being edited beyond recognition, I would still like to share a section from early in the book. Melissa has reluctantly returned to work, and she’s thrilled but embarrassed to see Jason again. At lunch time, they’re sitting chatting in the kitchen as she shares her sandwiches with him. Despite them both trying to be professional, they’re soon all over each other, desperate to get intimate once more:-

“Oh, Melissa, what are you doing to me?” Clutching handfuls of her hair, Jason held her head firmly. “Even just the thought of your well-spanked ass, with that enema hose sticking out, makes me hard.” Melissa opened her eyes and looked at him. His breathing was ragged as he gazed at her with longing. Her cheeks flushed at the thought of the enema hose, but her nipples tightened into hard peaks. She couldn’t deny her obvious arousal.

Glancing down, she smiled. Jason’s cock strained against the front of his trousers, forming a noticeable bulge. Melissa longed to reach out and touch it.

Releasing her, Jason moved quickly around the table, grasping her and pulling her to her feet. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her hard. She responded to his kiss, folding her arms around him and dragging him closer, pressing herself wantonly against his rock-hard manhood. Suddenly pulling away from his kiss, Melissa said breathlessly, “Jason, I want you. Please, take me now.”

“I want you, too.” Pressing his lips against hers, his tongue probed her mouth. “Oh, God, no.” Pushing her away, he backed off. “No. I want to do it right this time. I want to treat you like a lady, not a cheap tart.”

Melissa scowled at him. “But I want this too. You wouldn’t be taking advantage.” She suddenly did not care about her vow to build a relationship with him before jumping into bed. Her need to have him inside her was too strong.

“Oh, but I would,” he said, sighing deeply. Shaking his head, he stepped further away, increasing the distance between them. Standing with his back to Melissa, he leaned forward and rested his elbows on the sideboard. “Let’s get to know each other first, before I redden your ass and plunge my hard cock into it.”

Melissa trembled with desire and moved slowly towards him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she reached down and purred when she discovered his cock was ramrod hard. As she rubbed her hand against the rough fabric of his trousers, Jason sighed deeply. “Oh, please, at least let me try to be a gentleman.” He half-heartedly pushed her hands away as he turned to face her.

Tipping her head to one side, she pouted and gazed up at him, her hand moving back to his crotch. “Oh, you are naughty,” he scolded, leaning towards her. Melissa yelped as his hand reached around her hip and swatted her butt unexpectedly. “Ouch, you big meanie.” Frowning, she reached back to rub away the sting.

“I can be meaner than that,” he said, his eyebrows rising. “If you don’t behave yourself, young lady, I’ll be taking you across my knee instead of out for dinner.”

Melissa grinned wickedly. “Ooh, yes please, sir. I’d like that very much.”

“Yes, I’m sure you would.” Laughing lightly, Jason shook his head. “Maybe a spanking isn’t much of a deterrent.” There was an amused tone to his voice. “A better threat would be to say that if you don’t behave, I won’t see you after work at all.”

Melissa’s grin rapidly faded and she lowered her head, her bottom lip jutting out petulantly. Jason leaned towards her and nipped her pouting lip gently between his teeth. “Put that away or I’ll bite it off.” His eyes sparkled with humour as he mildly scolded her.

Melissa gazed into his face. “I will have you.” She leaned forward and kissed his lips softly.

I very much enjoyed writing this sequel and will keep my fingers crossed that it’ll be edited and on sale soon. I hope you enjoyed reading my short extract. Don’t forget to head over to WIP It Up to see what else is on offer this week.

Carole x

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