rip-computerIn recent weeks I have had ongoing problems with my PC. After a recent crash, my niece’s partner fortunately retrieved all of my writing (which I had foolishly not backed up). Immediately it started to crash again and sadly it now just whirs unhappily as the screen flashes on and off and I get various error messages. I have decided to put it out of its misery and send it to the great PC graveyard in the sky. My new PC is ordered, but will not be here until Monday afternoon, and then I need to hope hubby will treat setting it up with the utmost urgency. I might start to withhold meals from him if he doesn’t!

As I’ve been limited to using my phone to check emails, etc, this week, I’ve not been able to take part in Saturday Spankings as I had intended. I was also unable to check posts on WIP It Up Wednesday until this morning. I’m using hubby’s laptop at the moment, but I’m not happy with the keyboard. It’s too flat and not really suited to a touch typist.

I’ve been scribbling out a couple of story outlines in a notebook this week, and hope to start writing one or the other of them soon.

Melissa and the Medic has had a few hiccups but I am thrilled to report that it has now been accepted by a publisher.  I put my heart and soul into the romance (as well as the sex and spankings) between Melissa and Jason, and I look forward to working on it with my editor very soon.

I hope to be set up on my new PC by Tuesday, and contributing to Saturday Spankings next week. Maybe I might even have another go at WIP It Up Wednesdays too.

Have a good weekend.

Carole x

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