A million thanks to Darcie Rian and her husband for sorting out my outdated blog. They tidied up the incorrect links, added all my books and gave me a bit of guidance on other things I had difficulty with – and included a scolding for ‘poor housekeeping’. Thanks, Darcie, my grumpy old Sir is a big enough bully without you joining in and giving him more reason to spank me!!! Seriously, I appreciate the hard work – and I’ve now even updated the Work In Progress bar. I couldn’t remember how to do it because it was so long since I’d used that, but I guess you were right with your assumption that I can be a little bit lazy and that’s why it had showed the same story for a while!

I promise to maintain my blog in future, and to ask for help if I’m stuck rather than thinking ‘that’s too hard, I won’t bother with that’! I love writing but I hate computers, and likewise I’m certain computers hate me. I haven’t daren’t to try my new one yet, and am still battling away on hubby’s laptop.

Now my blog is sorted, and my sequel to Melissa’s Punishment Examination is with the publisher, awaiting editing (and I’m thrilled to say the contract was signed earlier this week), I’ve scribbled down a few ideas for my next story. I love to write longer stories, including romance in them, but I’ve decided to write a shorter (20-30k words) erotica story, with no romance whatsoever. I do love a bit of smut and steamy sex, with no niceties whatsoever, and I’m really going to look forward to writing this. Although I have a busy weekend yet again, I plan to fit in some writing each day.

Now back to Darcie Rian. I befriended her a little while ago, looking through her debut novel after she contacted me and helping her by sharing my knowledge of the route to publication. I am so glad I responded to that request for help because I now have a good friend who I email with regularly, and we help each other with various things. The work she and her husband carried out on my blog is invaluable, and I’m not sure how I can ever repay her for that (even though my Sir is going to spank me for letting my blog get into such a state – but in my defence, I didn’t see him offering to help!)

The least I can do to show my thanks to Darcie is plug her debut novel for her, which I have read. It is fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading book two when it’s completed. Well done, Darcie, thank you for your help, and hurry up with book two!


A Legal Education: Hyperion Legacy, Book One by Darcie Rian

Poppy Hamilton is happily living an ordinary life in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Once a legal secretary, she gets a surprising and welcome promotion to corporate marketing when the firm she works at is sold, rebranded and expanded. She thrives in her new role at J B Carville Solicitors. In her off time, she gets her thrills from reading racy novels about dominance and submission. One day her good friend, Craig, happens upon her reading one of her favorites. She is embarrassed and makes it clear to him that she’s quite content to continue reading about the ‘lifestyle’… but actually living it has never crossed her mind. Her ordinary, no surprises lifestyle suits her to a ‘T’.

But Craig takes things into his own hands. He introduces her to Jasper; a handsome, charismatic, and dominant man who mesmerizes Poppy at once. Her reaction to him makes her shiver with pent-up passion and her contentment with mere reading suddenly flies out the window.

Under Jasper’s strong guiding hand, she learns to thrive in this new lifestyle she never knew she really wanted. She regularly finds herself over Jasper’s knee on the wrong end of a hand or a paddle when a bit too much fire and spirt land her in trouble.

But Jasper has a few skeletons in his closet that will rock Poppy’s world and bring all sorts of intrigue, excitement, and danger into her decidedly unexciting, un-intriguing life. Come along with Poppy as she learns how to live. Really live. With fire, passion, and love-at- last.

A Legal Education is available at Blushing Books, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. I strongly recommend you give this new author a try.

Carole x

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