With just over a week to the release of Melissa and the Medic, I thought it was time to share a small extract from this book, which is a follow-on to Melissa’s Punishment Examination. I enjoyed writing Melissa’s Punishment Examination, but in Melissa and the Medic I have concentrated on making all the characters more likeable and fleshing them out a bit. I think I have succeeded. I got a couple of questions from my editor at the weekend, and then I got the .pdf copy to proof read, then last night I got my draft cover art. I absolutely love it. Although this will be my fourteenth book, I am still as excited about its release as I was about my first book, The Charles Smith Method, over three years ago. I hope you enjoy this short snippet, and if you do look out for its release towards the end of next week.

This book is Melissa’s story, and most of the sex/spanking scenes are Melissa and trainee physician assistant Jason. However, this extract is taken when Dr. Ben Williams is alone in the clinic with his wife, practice nurse Barbara. I never planned to write this scene, but it just sort of ‘happened’. They often play ‘doctors and nurses’ in the clinic after hours, and here they’re having a bit of fun at the end of the working day:-

As she squatted down to replace files on the lower shelves, she was reminded of the enema swirling around inside her, and the pressure against her anus increased. She was used to holding much larger volumes of liquid for much longer periods of time, and the large butt plug certainly helped. Still, she clutched her tummy and glared at him when she was finished. “Can I go now?” she asked rudely. “You can go across my knee if you’re going to display that attitude, madam.”

 Her tummy fluttered—and it had nothing to do with the enema—when her husband crooked his finger and beckoned her towards him. His face showed his displeasure with her behavior, and she hesitantly moved closer. “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m desperate to go,” she said, reaching back to clutch her buttocks.

“You don’t seem to have learned your lesson at all, young lady.” Pushing his chair back, he guided her across his lap. “I hoped this wouldn’t be necessary, but I’m going to have to spank you again.”  There was a tinge of sadness to his voice, but Barbara knew he was also enjoying their little scenario. She squirmed around until she found a comfortable position, relaxed and settled down. “I’m sorry, sir, I’ll be good now.”

His hand cracked down against her sit-spot, taking her by surprise, and she shrieked in pain. The spanking was hard, and she knew she would feel it when she sat down on the toilet. He didn’t normally spank so hard in play, and she reminded herself she was not in real trouble; they were just playing. It was hard to ignore the burning sting, and she felt relief when he moved to her other sit-spot. But that soon was stinging as much as its twin. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” she wailed. “I promise I’ll be a good girl now.”

“I’m sure you will, young lady.”  Barbara stiffened as she heard his desk drawer open. “Please, you don’t need to paddle me, I promise I’ll be—ow!” The wide paddle cracked against her already stinging sit-spots. “No more, please, stop.”  Ignoring her protests, he whacked the paddle down once more. Tears stung her eyes as two more smacks landed across her upper thighs. “I’ll be good. Please, enough, I can’t take it.” Tears rolled down her cheeks and she clenched her fists.  Ben landed a final two hard smacks to the same spots before dropping the paddle back into his drawer. “Yes, I think that’s enough—for now, at least,” he agreed, rubbing her stinging thighs.

Barbara sighed, enjoying the gentler touch of his hand against her scorched flesh.  “Up you get.” He patted her stinging rump as she pushed up to a standing position. Her hands automatically reached back to soothe her buttocks, which were hot to the touch. Ben smiled and stood in front of her, kissing away her tears. “You shouldn’t be so naughty,” he said, in a mildly scolding tone, “and I wouldn’t have to be so harsh with you.” She nodded. “I’m sorry, sir,” she whispered.

“Good girl. Let’s see if you’ve learned your lesson now. Hands on your head, stand up straight.”  Barbara immediately assumed the position. He smiled, his eyes sparkling with pleasure at her submission. She sighed with contentment, her eyes fixed on his. “Five more minutes,” he said, his hands massaging her tummy, before moving upwards to her large breasts. Weighing them in his hands, he leaned forward and kissed each nipple in turn. Barbara groaned.

“Do you like that?”  Her cheeks flushed as he gazed into her eyes. She nodded. She loved playing the naughty nurse, punished by her boss for bad behavior, and she really threw herself into the role whenever they indulged in this scenario. She never tired of assuming the persona of a badly behaved student nurse, and lived for the occasions when they acted out their fantasies in the medical center. At home they played regularly, but it was always more exciting and thrilling to be punished in her workplace.

Barbara thought of the times when she was in her office alone, and she would occasionally close the door and bend over her examination table. Her panties would get damp as she touched herself and imagined the things the doctor would do to her if he caught her.

“Such a bad girl,” Ben scolded, interrupting her train of thought. Holding her nipples between finger and thumb, he put increasing pressure on them until she tipped her head back and whined.  “Oh, doctor, no, please don’t.”  His mouth closed over one of her nipples and he sucked hard.

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