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Well, after spending my Saturday nights since April until last night, from 4.30pm until as late as midnight each week, typing cricket scores for the local newspapers, I now have my Saturday night freedom back. I plan to do a lot more writing in my spare time, starting now!

It’s now Sunday morning, just after 8.30am, and my hubby has just gone off for the day to take part in a rowing competition. I did my daughterly duties helping my parents yesterday, so today is all mine – though I guess my dog might say otherwise.

I’ve written six chapters of an eight-chapter (plus epilogue) medical play story, set towards the end of this century. I have it all mapped out, but just need to find the time to actually finish writing it. I’ve edited Chapter Six a few times, and have my latest draft print in front of me with a few amendments to make to the on-screen version. I’ll get them sorted and might hopefully get Chapter Seven done today.

This Wednesday I’ll be sharing an extract from Melissa and the Medic, due to be released this Tuesday, September 22, and I’ll be sharing a further snippet from that in Saturday Spankings next week. I don’t want to plan too far ahead as, despite my best intentions, blogging isn’t my strong point, but I do aim to share some of my new ‘work in progress’ soon.

Well I’ve checked my emails, played online games (I’m addicted to Facebook’s Criminal Case) and I’ve updated my blog (I’ve made a promise to myself to enter Saturday Spankings and WIP It Up Wednesdays regularly and to post to my blog at least once a week). I guess now it’s time to push everything else aside and get on with some writing. My aim is to hit 25,000 words by the end of the day.

Hope you’ve had a good and productive weekend.

Carole x


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