Today fellow UK author, Darcie Rian, has kindly interviewed me on her blog to help promote my new release, Melissa and the Medic. Go to the following link to see the interview – Darcie Rian. While you’re there, take a look around and read about the wonderful Hyperion Legacy series of books she is working on.


Melissa & the MedicA_Legal_Education_Cover


Darcie had her first book in this series published recently (A Legal Education), and I have had the privilege of reading through the draft of the second book, Hyperion’s Folly. It is just as enjoyable as the first book, if not more so. I see lots more spin-offs coming from this story and I eagerly anticipate the next. I strongly suggest people give this fantastic new author a try. You won’t be disappointed!

As I work full-time I have precious little time to write, blog and do all the things we should be doing as authors to promote our work, but I would recommend that everyone find time to do as much as possible. After all, a little is better than nothing at all. If you’re at a complete loss when it comes to technical issues, ask for help. I have blundered along for a couple of years with a blog I know next to nothing about. The person who set it up for me said if I had any issues to ask her and she would help. I didn’t ask so she assumed (wrongly) that I knew what I was doing. All of the buttons on the blog meant nothing to me so I simply ignored them and spent ages pulling together a post, finding all the bits needed to go within it, not realising that the ‘add media’ button actually stored the images I had used. I now grin like a lunatic when I add links – as I have above to Darcie’s blog and her book – as this new ‘toy’ makes my blog look more professional, as if I (almost) know what I’m doing.

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And if you find yourself in the fortunate position that I did, where an unpublished author contacts you and asks for help, take a bit of time to share your knowledge and experience with them (as I did), because there is no greater feeling than helping a would-be author become a published author (apart from maybe becoming a published author yourself). I have had a wealth of help with my blog in return, and I can’t thank Darcie enough for her kindness and the time she and her husband have spent tidying my blog up and teaching me how to use it. And what’s more, I now have a great friend.

Now you’ve finished reading this, don’t forget to head over to Darcie Rian’s blog (if you haven’t already) and take a look around.

Now, back to my writing. I intended to finish the final two chapters of my latest medical play today, but the last few chapters of Hyperion’s Folly (and Facebook’s Criminal Case game) have distracted me from it so far. So if I don’t finish writing those two chapters this weekend, it’s Darcie’s fault!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

Carole x

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