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Last week I was interviewed on Darcie Rian’s blog to promote my new book, Melissa and the Medic. Within that interview, Darcie told me that the first book of mine she had read – and loved – was Adirondack Heights. I certainly enjoyed writing that one, as it contains a lot of medical play, which has fast become my favourite genre since writing Melissa’s Punishment Examination a couple of years ago.

Darcie’s comments led me to go back to Adirondack Heights and read through it, and I have decided to share an extract from that through this week’s Saturday Spankings. Here is the blurb for the book:-

Kelly Anderson is thrilled to have landed herself a reporting role on the college newspaper at the Adirondack Heights Girls’ College, but she is becoming disillusioned with the dull, uninspiring subject matter about which she is expected to write.

Going off in search of her own material, she finds more than she bargained for when she speaks to Rachel McMillan and discovers a deep, dark secret about one of her professors.

Desperate not to lose her place at the college, Kelly agrees to take part in humiliating medical play, including anal play and enemas, at the hands of the attractive, Professor McAllister, and his female colleague, Professor Lindhurst.

I was torn between whether to use an extract where Kelly was spanked, or one of the medical play scenes, but I chose this bit instead where Kelly takes in her surroundings and becomes aware just how much trouble she’s landed herself in; but she still has slim hopes that Professor McAllister is only trying to scare her. Little does she realise, yet, that in snooping and trying to find out details of a fellow pupil’s punishment, she too is about to experience exactly the same. And as she gazes over the equipment in the room, she has no idea that soon she will become very intimate with each piece of furniture.

Adirondack Heights


When they reached a door labeled Supplies, he released her and took a key from his pocket. Unlocking it, he gripped her wrist and tugged her through the doorway.

Kelly gasped as behind the door was a large room resembling a gynecologist’s exam room, only much bigger. She gazed in awe at the examination table, with stirrups hanging ominously above it. A variety of canes, paddles, straps and riding crops adorned a section of the wall. A wooden construction, similar to a gym horse, but with restraints hanging from various points, stood at the far side of the room. Next to it was a large wooden ‘X,’ raised a couple of feet on a plinth and laying horizontal to the floor.

As Kelly allowed her gaze to move slowly over the vast array of spanking implements, she hoped Professor McAllister would not find it necessary to use any of them on her. She truly hoped he was just trying to frighten her into silence. If that was his plan, it was definitely working.

If you enjoyed the above snippet and would like to read more, Adirondack Heights is available at the following places:-

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